Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fordham University Nominated for "Society of Judas Iscariot" Award

In the post below this one, I mentioned that there were other things Catholics should do besides voting to work to protect the innocent unborn.

One radical idea is that Catholic universities could stop giving honors to infamously pro-abortion recipients:
NEW YORK, September 15, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In a brash move defying the U.S Bishops' speakers policy, Fordham University's Stein Center for Law and Ethics announced that pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer is the 2008 recipient of the Fordham-Stein Ethics Prize. Breyer infamously wrote the majority opinion in Stenberg v. Carhart, which struck down state laws banning the practice of partial-birth abortion.

The Fordham-Stein Ethics Prize is scheduled to be bestowed upon Justice Breyer at a dinner in New York on October 29, 2008.

Three weeks ago The Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly wrote to inform Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J., President of Fordham University, of Justice Breyer's record. Reilly urged him to rescind the offer of the Fordham-Stein Ethics Prize to Breyer. No response was given.

"This amounts to nothing less than Fordham University thumbing its nose at the US Bishops, whose opposition to such honors is clear," said Reilly.
There is no excuse whatsoever for any Catholic university to honor a man who struck down state laws prohibiting partial-birth abortion. Not even in the deeply and horrifically flawed Roe v. Wade did the Court make it impossible for the states to regulate abortion, and banning a medically unnecessary procedure that kills a child who is literally inches away from birth ought to be completely within the power of any state that finds this practice as barbaric, immoral, depraved, and totally without justification as the vast majority of American voters do.

We Catholics have to stop fawning all over politicians and lawyers and judges of whatever religion, inviting them to speak, showering them with honors, all while ignoring that their hands are incarnadine with the blood of the innocent. We have to stop caring more for worldly achievement and celebrity status than we do for the Gospel of Life. We have to quit prostituting the truth to pay for a good speaker, in the hopes of raising money for yet another whited sepulcher that used to be a Catholic institution of higher learning. We have to stop pretending that these schools are even remotely "Catholic" in any meaningful sense, and start cutting off donation dollars, refusing to send our children to be corrupted by their filth, and demanding that the bishops force them to remove the word "Catholic" from their advertising materials.

When it comes to supporting intrinsic evil, how many innocent Catholics are supporting, materially, so-called "Catholic" colleges and universities that are anything but Catholic? How many have responded generously to financial appeals never dreaming that their money is being used to honor the denizens of the Culture of Death?

There is nothing at all ethical about awarding a Catholic "ethics" honor to a judge who wrote the majority opinion in a decision which allows babies to be killed in this horrific manner. If a dear priest friend of my family were still alive today, Fordham would be getting a little prize of its own: Father used to send people like Fordham's president his own little creation, the not-quite-coveted "Society of Judas Iscariot" award for actions traitorous and disgraceful to the Catholic Faith.


Anonymous said...

I know that student recruitment is a big deal to Fordham and they are in heavy competition for new students with some of the other nearby colleges. Maybe, just maybe, if some of us were to call and say: See, what you've done is an outrage and shows me that you have no idea what my values are as a Catholic parent. Although I was considering sending my son/daughter/first of five kids to your school, that's not going to happen now. And I will make sure to let all other families with college-age kids know, too.

And maybe even say something about letting alumni know not to contribute anymore? Hit 'em in the wallet; it's their god, after all.


(& if you really wanna make it sting, tell them that your child chose NYU instead. Heh.)

Anonymous said...

I am an alumni of Fordham College and I am horrified by this, but not surprised. I don't give any money to Fordham and don't plan to in the future.