Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama's Women

While on the one hand pooh-poohing the idea that Sarah Palin will appeal to women voters, the Obama campaign decided on the other hand that they were going to have to go aggressively after those women voters, just in case they're wrong:
Barack Obama's campaign plans to employ high-profile female supporters in an effort to blunt GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's potential to persuade women to vote Republican.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius all were scheduled to campaign for Obama in the coming weeks. Republicans say they hope Palin, who made her national debut with a feisty speech on Wednesday, could put some female voters in play.
''We respect her. She's a skilled politician, as she proved last night,'' Obama strategist David Axelrod told reporters aboard the campaign plane Thursday. ''She's deft at going on the attack.''
But it's not clear exactly how Obama and his running mate Joe Biden should respond. They keenly remember how women rallied around one-time Democratic front runner Clinton when they perceived she was a victim of sexism. They don't want to appear with a weak response, either, and certainly they also don't want to send independent women flocking to the GOP.
So the Democratic campaign is having trouble making up its mind. Just like a...oh, never mind.

Is it just me, or does this move seem a little desperate coming from a campaign that's been out in front up to now? Given that the Democrats have a positive knack for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, one can't help but wonder if they've thought this through. Against a down-to-earth, God, country, family kind of woman, a woman whose most feminist act has been to take her baby to work with her, they're going to juxtapose Hillary, Napolitano and Sebelius? I mean, really, their female contingent, against ours?

I think this proves that what has the left so very riled up about Sarah Palin is that they think they have the lock on "women's rights" and "women's roles." They don't approve of a woman managing to sidestep their grievances, their issues, and especially their commitment to abortion, but still managing to become a mayor, governor, and now vice-presidential nominee.

But the strategy of sending out the--forgive me, but I have to say it--"unholy trio" above to try to weaken female support for Palin has "backfire" written all over it. Few women outside of the elitist liberal conclaves find women like Hillary, for instance, all that inspirational; Sebelius is a disgrace to her fellow Catholics, while Napolitano is as extremely pro-abortion as Obama, voting against banning partial-birth abortion and against parental consent for minors to have abortions. The only women the three of them will ever appeal to are the kind of women who are already supporting Obama; women who would consider supporting Palin won't be convinced not to do so by these aging pro-abortion feminists and their tired, decaying agenda.

I think the Democrats are terrified of underestimating the damage Sarah Palin may cause their campaign; but what they don't realize is that the more desperate they sound as they combat her, the more the American people will see that desperation as the incontrovertible mark of the losing side.

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volpecircus said...

Maybe they are just trying to get the Pelosi vote. In that case...they've got it wrapped up.