Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words

America, this is what pro-life looks like:

Here, and here, and here.

Sarah Palin's speech tonight was extraordinary, powerful, delivered with poise, grace, and charm. It's going to be discussed, analyzed, and studied to death over the next few days, and I doubt the media's determination to dig up dirt on Governor Palin or her family will abate any time soon.

But the most powerful witness to the value of human life tonight was the very presence of little Trig Palin, whose life is considered valueless by those who believe that unborn babies who have Down syndrome or some other challenge or even who simply are inconvenient to their parents ought to be slaughtered like animals and thrown away like trash.

And Trig's unborn niece or nephew was, thanks to the media's 24/7 coverage of Bristol's pregnancy, also a silent witness to the value of human life, since he/she is also being welcomed with joy, not "disposed of" in the dark empty despairing silence of a bloodstained abortion mill.

The pictures say it all. Whatever else happens in this election, I'm glad Sarah Palin and her family graced that stage tonight, to bear witness to the sanctity of human life just by being there.

UPDATE: A commenter on ABC's website said of this speech that it looks like we just found out who will be the first woman President of the United States.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Hear hear. I smiled & clapped & laughed throughout Gov. Palin's speech, and I cried to see her family take the stage afterward.

That little Trig is beautiful, isn't he? He is a witness to something so much greater than those PP people see.

[These photos, too, are beautiful. Let's see what the media does with them tomorrow.]

Anonymous said...

I just loved Palin's speech--she is one gutsy chick. She pretty much shouted to the media and the Obama campaign: "Bring it on! I'm ready!" I just loved it when she said she put the governor's jet on Ebay. And it really was beautiful to see baby Trig--obviously much loved by his family (little Piper licking her hand and smoothing his hair was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen).

I've been enjoying reading your thoughts about Palin--keep up the great blogging!

--Elizabeth B.

Anonymous said...

Love her, loved her speech. My favorite comments? The joke about the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom - she hit the nail on the head. Also the reference to the plastic columns. Most importantly her reminder to all Americans that John McCain has proven his love for our country.

Charlotte said...

I thought it also spoke volumes that Bristol's BOYFRIEND (and presumably soon-to-be-husband) was with the family, acknowledged as FAMILY. In some ways, his presence on the stage is sort of an impetus to the media to "shut up" about the teenage pregnancy issue. It was like Palin was saying "I accept the situation, why can't you?" I know in times past, people would have swept the daughter's pregnancy under the rug and hid her away. But it's the 21st century, and we need role models to show us how to handle a situation like teenage pregancy. Palin is doing just that.

Heather Raven said...

I have to admit, I wasn't excited about this choice at first, because of the being a mom and needing to take care of her children first, but now I am. I hope that our country does the right thing!!! Both my husband and I are praying that happens.

Wendy in VA said...

Great pictures! We let our oldest 3 dc stay up to watch Gov. Palin's speech, and I'm glad we did. What she said was wonderful, but the visual impact of her family, and especially little Trig (couldn't you just eat him up? :o) ), were *so* powerful.

Babs said...

My, God is hitting us a softball this year and we just need to drive it out of the park. My biggest fear before this speech is that conservative women would frown on Palin as a career woman abandoning her family, not grasping that all people are made by God with radically different gifts and capabilities.

I loved the speech, and the whole "pass the baby" thing going on in the backgroud. My vapor point: when Piper was grooming Trig's hair. I BAWLED.