Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arrogance in the Media

You've got to go over and read this from Matthew Archbold at CMR if you haven't already; make sure you play the short video clip, too:
You've got to watch this video. CNN's Soledad O' Brien ran a focus group of self declared Republicans, Democrats and undecideds during the Palin/Biden debate.

Soledad asked them immediately after the debate, "How many thought Joe Biden won the debate tonight?"

I'd say about half the hands go up. O'Brien then inexplicably says, "So, looks overwhelming." Then she asks who thought Palin won. Again, about half the hands go up and she describes it as "small hands." Then she quickly declares Biden the winner and calls it a day.
We all know that media bias is out there, but sometimes the breathtaking arrogance of those in the media who are quick to put their own political stamp on the stories they're supposedly covering objectively can be jaw-dropping. Kudos to Matthew Archbold for calling CNN on this obvious example of media bias.


Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right? Or did someone just find out there's bias in the media... hmm, is it hitting a little close to home ... As the instructor in Composition 101 told us that first class period in school, whenever one writes, (even in a scientific journal), a point of view is always being expressed, and it's the job of the reader to find out what and who is doing the selling...

Red Cardigan said...

Why would it be a joke, anonymous poster at 2:50 (hint: nicknames work!). Sure there's media bias. But when you've got an example of glaring partisan politics in the media like this, it's a good idea to highlight it.