Friday, October 17, 2008

Clarion Call

I've been busier than usual today, but I really can't put off posting this outrageous story (Hat Tip: Charlotte at Cheeky Pink Girl, who sent this to me):

CHERRY HILL, NJ, October 17 /Christian Newswire/ — An abortion clinic that performs abortions up to the sixth month of pregnancy has worked out an arrangement with two area hotels to provide substantially discounted room rates for women seeking abortions.

Based on reports from local citizens participating in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, New Jersey Right to Life has confirmed that the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill offers a reduced rate of $59 for a room originally priced at $109 to those women who provide a receipt from the clinic that says they have to stay overnight. In addition, the Quality Inn in Maple Shade offers a discounted rate of $74.95 for a room originally priced at $99.99 and a free breakfast of eggs and pancakes for women who present a stamped pamphlet from the clinic.

Good Counsel Homes, a Catholic agency that assists homeless pregnant women, recently cancelled its banquet at the Clarion upon learning of the hotel’s arrangement with the abortion clinic.

Clarion Hotels, along with Quality Inns, are, in a rather evil irony, associated with the Choice Hotels chain.

My family and I have sometimes taken advantage of Choice's discount offered to HSLDA members; I know that the hotels are franchised and are individually owned and operated, but after this I can say with certainty that I'll be more inclined to choose some other hotel chain for our family's rare trips. There's something pretty terrible about the "kill your baby, get a discounted hotel bill and free eggs and pancakes" mentality; even though there are probably pro-life Choice Hotel franchise owners out there, the fact that even one owner would decide to do something so terrible makes me disinclined to give the chain any business at all.

Evil isn't always most shocking when it's most dramatic. Sometimes it's most shocking when it's most banal. You can see for yourself, from the same webpage as above:

Note: At 4:48pm central, a call was made to the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The clerk was asked to confirm whether a discount was offered to patients at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center (abortion clinic). The female clerk answered, “Yes. The rate would be $59 dollars a night instead of $109.” The caller than said: “Let me get this straight, if I KILL my baby, I get a discount from your hotel. If I KEEP my baby, I don’t.”

The clerk answered, “Yes.”

Wow. Just wow.

Wow, indeed. There's almost no way to express in words the depth of evil in such a morally abhorrent situation.

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