Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the "Water: Still Wet" Files

I didn't think this was ever really in question, did you? Excerpt:
WASHINGTON — U.S. Catholic voters are split on the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage between those who attend church at least twice a month and those who attend church less often, according to a survey released Tuesday (Oct. 14) by the Knights of Columbus.

The survey found that both Catholics (73 percent) and non-Catholics (71 percent) agreed that America needs a "moral makeover." Non-practicing Catholics — defined as those who attend church less than twice a month — were more likely to support abortion rights and same-sex marriage than the American population at large. [...]

Seventy-five percent of practicing Catholics oppose same-sex marriage, compared to 54% of non-practicing Catholics. Sixty-five percent of non-practicing Catholics identified themselves as "pro-choice" on abortion, compared to 36% of practicing Catholics.

I'm glad the Knights of Columbus did this survey, in all seriousness; too often, as Carl Anderson said, anyone who calls himself "Catholic" is recorded as such on national media surveys, which leads to all those headlines about Catholics supporting intrinsic evils that no self-respecting practicing Catholic would support for a minute.

Sadly, some practicing Catholics still do support abortion and gay marriage--but it's a much smaller number than media reports tend to suggest. Still, if roughly one of every three or four practicing, regular-Mass-attending Catholics is confused about these issues, I think it's time that one out of every four homilies specifically addressed Church teaching about the intrinsic evil of abortion and of homosexual acts, and why the Church is opposed to abortion and gay marriage.

Granted, some Dallas Catholics would get sore feet from all the marching out of Mass week after week, but eventually, they'd have to settle down--and that's a small price to pay, anyway, to make sure the truth is being proclaimed in and out of season.

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