Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New Theme Song for the Campaign

I know the debate will be discussed exhaustively by people far more qualified than I am to analyze the tics and nuances before they quit pretending to be neutral and declare Obama the winner, on the grounds that he was presidential and McCain was doing an elderly angry rabid squirrel impression--which is what they decided they'd say three days ago, but they couldn't file their stories till after the debate, in case the unwashed Pajama Bloggers called them on it.

Still, of all the things to come out of the debate tonight, the "Joe the Plumber" theme is the one many Republicans are seizing on. Readers of National Review's "The Corner" emailed in comparisons between this meme and the "Bob the Builder" theme song; since blatant theft is an even more sincere form of flattery than mere imitation, I'm going to steal their clever refrain and run with it:
Joe the Plumber!
Can we tax him?
Joe the Plumber
Yes we can!

Wright, Dohrn and Ayers and ACORN too
Biden and Shelly plus you-know-who
Give them your cash or they'll take it by stealth
Stealing your money's called "spreading the wealth."

Joe the Plumber!
Can we tax him?
Joe the Plumber
Yes we can!

Time to elect them, they know what to do
Re-engineering our society, too
Abortion, gay marriage will be such fun
He'll keep the Change, though, 'cause he is The One

Socialism? Yeah!
Liberalism? Yeah!

Joe the Plumber!
Can we rob him?
Joe the Plumber
Yes we can! Yeah!


LeeAnn said...

ha ha.
maybe they can add your little song as a cd in the back of the picture book "Barack" I saw on the Costco children's book table today.

MommaLlama said...

Ha ha ha... lovin' it! Of course now I'm going to have Bob the Builder stuck in my head for the next few hours.

Marisa said...