Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now, THAT'S More Like It! Or, Biden Meets Actual Press

Two members of the American media have restored my belief in the possibility of a free press: anchor Barbara West and news director Bob Jordan of WFTV-Channel 9 in Orlando, Florida, who conducted this interview Thursday (HT: Drudge Report):

There was a time when presidential candidates could expect to be asked hard, direct questions like these from any news reporter they allowed to interview them. Today, this kind of questioning is only acceptable if you're interviewing Republican candidates--and especially if you're interviewing Sarah Palin. Biden's "deer in the headlights" look says it all: he expected the usual puffball questions such as "Senator, could your running mate just absolutely positively be more to-die-for fabulous than he already is?" Instead, Biden got asked the kinds of things people are thinking and talking about--such as just how socialist Obama's "share the wealth" tax plan really is, and whether ACORN's illicit activities tarnish Obama's image given his level of involvement with ACORN and other community organization groups in the past.

It would have been nice if the mainstream media would have managed to ask a few of these questions long before now, since the election's only a little over a week away. Still, since the MSM has already anointed Obama and given him the full measure of their approval, it's nice to know that a couple of journalists in Florida still remember what journalists are supposed to be.


CV said...

Dear Red,

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent work you have been doing in articulating the stakes of this election.

I have lifted whole portions of your arguments and passed them along in my efforts to persuade Catholic relatives and friends who are either completely committed to voting for Obama or planning to not vote at all. I can't say I have persuaded anyone yet! but I feel optimistic that I will reach at least one person (my mom, who is still saying that she won't vote but I bet she will vote McCain (to limit evil) when push comes to shove.)

So thanks!

Christie Groth said...

Ohhhh, he got a little "testy" now didn't he? hahaha That was actually quite refreshing because I think the democrats have had it quite easy this time.... Thanks for sharing!

Red Cardigan said...

CV, I'm glad if anything I write is helpful!

Daddio said...

He got so indignant - "Is that a serious question?" Yes, Joe, it's a serious question. Answer it. Clearly both Biden and Obama have been coached to grin ear-to-ear and casually laugh whenever a serious argument is raised. As if to convince us that to even question their policies is just silly.

Evergreen said...

I just WISH that Barbara West had been moderating the so-called debates, especially between McCain and Obama.