Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parental Notification, Revisited

Two different polls show that Californians are likely to support parental notification laws, though the details vary:
A newly released survey of California voters shows support for Proposition 4 - a proposed law that requires a waiting period and parental notification before a girl under 18 is allowed to have an abortion. The initiative holds a 19 percentage point lead among likely voters, 52% to 33%. The survey was conducted for the Knights of Columbus by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion between September 28 and October 5, 2008.

The survey shows that Proposition 4 has majority support among women (55% to 31%), Latinos (61% to 27%), those who are married (59% to 25%) and those age 45 or older (55% to 28%). The initiative also leads among men (49% to 34%). Those opposed include likely voters 18 to 29 years old (52% to 41%).

The poll also shows that Proposition 4 leads by double digits in every region of California except the Bay Area, where a plurality of 48% is opposed.

Among California likely voters, 75% say that parents or legal guardians have the right to know if their underage daughter is seeking an abortion.
Here's the other poll:
A California proposition calling for parental notification before an abortion can be performed on a minor is holding on to a slight edge among voters, although a large number of those surveyed say they haven't made up their mind, according to a new poll.

The poll by the Public Policy Institute of California found that 46 percent of voters favor Proposition 4, while 44 percent say they will vote no. Ten percent said they were unsure of how they will vote.

"Voters are closely divided on this issue," said Mark Baldassare, the institute's president and chief executive. "There's been very little movement on it in the last few months."

Interesting differences, yes?

Whatever the actual case may be, it's looking as though liberal California may well be on the verge of enacting a parental notification law. These laws do have a tendency to reduce abortions; many young girls discover to their amazement that their parents are much more likely to be supportive and welcoming of their new grandchild, whatever the circumstances, than they are to insist that he be killed. You would think that all sane people would want this kind of restriction on abortion, so that minors aren't having abortions, with all the possible surgical complications and so forth, without their parents even knowing about it.

But you'd be wrong. Barack Obama opposes parental notification. He also voted against prohibiting minors from crossing state lines to get abortions and against notifying parents when their minor daughter crosses state lines to get an abortion in another state. And if he's elected president and signs the Freedom of Choice Act, all such laws will immediately be nullified; the federal government will be taking the position that unfettered access to abortion is more important than the safety and health of minor girls who seek them.

If I do end up voting for John McCain in a few days, Obama's rabid support for abortion and especially his promise--or threat--to sign FOCA as his first act in office will be significant motivations. This is pure evil, and must be stopped.


Anonymous said...

Since California is going to go for Obama in a big way, isn't it ironic that some people voting for him will also be voting for this proposition? I wonder if these voters know that an Obama victory will automatically nullify Prop. 4. After all has been said, it really feels that many voters are still not educated.

Tina said...

I blogged about Obama's promise to sign FOCA tonight. I agree with the first commenter. People are just not educated in this.

LeeAnn said...

That may be one of the few reasons I vote for McCain/Palin as well, although my state (WA) is likely to go hard blue regardless. I would prefer to write in Ron Paul, but it seems like the contest is going to be closer than believed last week, so I hate to contribute to a Obama victory. One of those times I wish we had a direct democracy rather than an electoral college!

Rene'e said...


Have you seen this video? Maybe you can post it.

It sums it up for Catholic voters who maybe fence sitting. The only other alternative I can see, is not to vote, which I personally disagree with in the particuliar election.

Jennifer said...

I loved Father Pavone's guidance on how Catholics can approach their vote when both candidates hurt the culture of life. He stated that we must discern in terms of *limiting* evil, not voting for simply the lesser of two evils. Huge difference.

I detest McCain's position on ESCR and have written to him to change his position--especially when adult stem cells are proven.

However, I honestly believe that FOCA--together with a Democratic House of Representatives, a Democratic super majority in the Senate (read: unstoppable) and liberal activist judges who would be appointed to the Supreme Court--would *change* this country so profoundly from what our Founding Fathers created that we would be unrecognizable to them. Can you imagine the impact of Pelosi/Reid/Obama all in power at the same time? May God have mercy on us.

I've already cast my vote by absentee ballot: John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is right on the money. The combination of forces is too great to pretend that an Obama victory would not have profound changes. It is not a question of four years--it is a question of what this country will be like for decades to come. And the left is well aware of this. We need to be as well.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I hope that you do decide to vote for McCain. I know it's none of my business... but I just heard a homily from one of the Priests for Life (a group you've probably heard of in Staten Island, NY... also very vocal on EWTN), and they emphasized the fact that abstaining from the vote is not an option within the realms of responsible voting. When in doubt, we need to choose the BETTER candidate (if there is no BEST); and choose the most important issue as a guide (Life).

Please do consider voting McCain, if not for what he WILL do, then for what Obama will not be ABLE to do with that vote.

Anonymous said...

Well said by the poster above. Even three moderate McCain justices on the Supreme Court are far better than three reliable liberal votes from Obama. And we know Obama's picks will be consistently liberal.