Thursday, October 9, 2008

Protesting Abortion in America

Do you know the definition of disorderly conduct in Utah? Apparently, it's standing outside an abortion clinic with a baby in one arm and a diaper bag flung over the other, as you peacefully protest and offer leaflets to clinic victims--but only if they want one:

Julie Bird says she held her baby in one arm, with a diaper bag slung over a shoulder, as she distributed leaflets outside the a Salt Lake abortion clinic. But in February 2007, she says she was accused of assault outside the Utah Women’s Center, and cited by police.

The charge, which turned into a disorderly conduct infraction, finally went to Salt Lake Municipal Court this week, and Julie was found guilty.

Her lawyer, Frank Mylar, says she was ordered to pay a $750 fine and was placed on probation for 12 months. Another woman, also represented by Mylar, received the same sentence for trespassing.

“We were there in a very peaceful, gentle, loving manner,” said Julie, adding her presence was not part of a protest or demonstration. “Our purpose was simply to offer information and whether or not people took it was up to them.” [...]

Julie Bird says she stayed on the sidewalk parallel to the street. The other woman, says attorney Mylar, walked on the walkway toward the business, but did not go inside the building.

“Everyone needs to take note of this case,” said Mylar. “Whoever wants to exercise their First Amendment rights in a public forum, on a public sidewalk, on a public parking lot, wherever the public place might be, or even in a business where it has not be posted 'no trespassing,' they are at risk of being criminally prosecuted."

Take note: this is the case today, in Bush's America. What will it be like under Obama, when protesters are forbidden by federal law to assemble anywhere near abortion clinics, even on public property like sidewalks?

Think that's an exaggeration? Read here; if FOCA is passed and abortion is declared to be a "fundamental right," putting it on the same legal footing as free speech, then one's fundamental right to free speech will not be protected if one's free speech is seen as interfering with someone else's fundamental right to an abortion.

If things can be this bad for pro-life protesters in America today, how bad will they be under the Pro-Abortionist In Chief?

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Ida said...

I hope you should not protest like this and violate the rules of the government anyways was sad to hear about everything in the blog