Sunday, October 5, 2008

Respect Life Sunday Open Thread

Today, October 5, is Respect Life Sunday. Since I may not get back to the blog until later today, I thought I'd open a thread for anyone who wants to share any Respect Life homilies or activities that might have take place in your parishes today. I'm especially interested in hearing about Respect Life homilies: did your priest talk about abortion/life issues today? What did he say?

I hope to update this later--till then, please feel free to share in the comment box!

UPDATE: Well, one of the downsides--if you can call it that! :) --of having a Franciscan priest assigned to be your pastor is that on Oct. 5 you're going to get a St. Francis homily instead of a Respect Life one. Given that St. Francis' feast day was yesterday and that Father had a special Mass last week for all deceased Franciscans I should have expected it.

St. Francis remains a popular saint even among the secular and non-religious--but can anyone imagine dear St. Francis approving for a second of either our rampant materialism or our society's approval of legalized abortion on demand?

We did get a lovely petition in honor of Respect Life Sunday where the Pope's words about the need to protect life were made part of the prayer.

Did you hear anything about Respect Life Sunday at your parish?


Anonymous said...

Our priest gave a really excellent homily about the Church's teaching on life issues. He talked about how the right to life is a foundational right, and included other issues like capital punishment, euthanasia, ESCR, and war. He gave abortion the greatest weight as being the gravest threat to the right to life. I was really proud that he stood up for Church teaching.

--Elizabeth B.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I heard an outstanding anti-abortion homily from Fr. Dennis Kolinski, SJC.

Red Cardigan said...

Elizabeth, Paul, thanks--sounds great!

momtomany12 said...

We are blessed to live in the diocese of Scranton, PA, where Bishop Martino's awesome pro-life letter was read at all the Masses! So powerful!

Anonymous said...

My priest (Oakland, CA) actually talked about Wall Street greed and the need to look out for the poor. No reference to life issues whatsoever. I hope my situation is an aberration nationwide.

Nicola said...

We got a homily today about the readings, and about how we should tend our own vineyards (families, vocations etc) rather than a Respect Life homily.

However, my 9 year old son made me feel ever so proud of him. When Father said at the beginning of mass that today was Respect Life Sunday, he turned to me and said "Mum.. shouldn't every day be Respect Life day?"

Anonymous said...

Sadly I didn't even realize it was Respect Life Sunday until I read your blog. Obviously, our priest said absolutely nothing about life issues.

~~~mary said...

Red -
Our pastor mentioned it at the end of his homily.

If you didn't read Cardinal Rigali's letter for this Sunday, you might want to take a look at the portion in this post-
He clearly explained the "Freedom of Choice Act" and its implications which are chilling. I thought it should have been read from every pulpit this weekend. Peace. ~~~mary
P.S. Belated Happy Feast of St. Francis!
Keep up the good fight.

volpecircus said...

our priest's homily was about respect life sunday and how it applies to abortion but also how it applies to many other aspects of our lives as Catholics. he spoke directly about abortion this week and said that he would be addressing other facets of respecting all human life for the rest of the month. i was also very impressed when he said that we need to pray fervently for the upcoming election and no matter what the outcome of the election ends up being, we cannot allow the freedom of choice act to be passed. he said that we must do everything in our power to make sure that it never becomes a reality. i was very impressed to hear that mentioned so directly like that.

KC said...

Our priest gave an excellent homily today about how imporant life is. He emphasized the evil of abortion. It was wonderful. Then he promoted the Life Chain which our family participated in.

nutmeg said...

Here's what happened at our parish....


eulogos said...

At my Byzantine Parish the priest clearly stated that this is Respect Life Sunday, stated that abortion was evil and wrong, stated that we shouldn't stop being Catholics in the voting booth.

He gave an even better sermon on Respect LIfe Sunday last year, as I remember it. This one, however, mentioned voting, and I really appreciate that.

After his sermon he told us, "on a more personal note" that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be having a radical prostatectomy next Thursday, and will we all please pray for him? He quickly went on to explain what will happen in his 6 week absence; the Ukranian Catholic priest will celebrate the Saturday evening Divine Liturgy, and a biritual Jesuit will make the hour's drive up from Scranton every Sunday to celebrate at 8 and 10:30. He asked the eparchy, he said, for someone to live at the parish and celebrate daily liturgy, but there just isn't anyone. Which makes me wonder what would happen if we lost this priest.

If everyone reading this quickly says a prayer for him, I would appreciate it.
Susan Peterson