Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shut Down the CCHD

The other day, I received an email from a blogger named "A WashingtonDC Catholic" urging me to join his efforts to shut down the so-called Catholic Campaign for Human Development. He gets no argument from me; the organization would better be named "The not-quite-Catholic Lobby Group for Liberal Democratic Political Power," since their efforts tend toward that direction. Indeed, if I had to guess, I'd say that many of their partners are actually opposed to human development--if we're talking about development in utero, that is.

I finally got a chance to check out his blog post, which is here:
For the next month, in addition to my regular postings, I will be advocating the shutting down of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Unfortunately, the current structure of the CCHD has allowed it to assist in the financial crisis the US currently faces, as well as, possible voter fraud in this election on a scale that would make Boss Tweed jealous.
He goes on to make recommendations as to the ending of the CCHD charade.

Lest you think "A WashingtonDC Catholic" is exaggerating, I received a link from my sister-in-law to this Deal Hudson piece from InsideCatholic:

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development gave $1.1 million to ACORN in 2007. You can find this fact on the CCHD Website. If you add up all the groups called ACORN or Association Of Community Organization For Reform Now, you get a total of $1,111,000 in 2007.

With all the new scandals about ACORN, this funding may become more problematic for the CCHD than it already is.

Take a look at the clips below [go here--E.M.] from ACORN's 2008 National Convention and ask yourself whether you are comfortable with $1,000,000 of your Catholic money being given to them.

The CCHD is nothing more than a Saul Alinsky-esque organization that believes in worldly, political power as the solution to all human woes. Consider this:

Whether or not Barak Obama becomes the nest president of the United States, the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) bears responsibility for raising this community organizer to his current national prominence. Through CCHD funding, he received a Machiavellian practicum. Through CCHD-funded organizations, Catholics sponsored his education - not at Harvard but in the Chicago streets. Thanks to CCHD grants, this convicted pro-abort has been backed by Catholics every step of his short, meteoric rise.

They aren't the only ones using the religious institution of their preference for political ends, of course, but the CCHD has been in business since 1970, pouring millions into Alinskyian organizing. [...]

The real money goes, instead, into organizations that promote social change. CCHD's founding resolution states that its primary funding will be for social projects "aimed at eliminating the very causes of poverty." To clarify what "social projectsE2 the CCHD thinks will "eliminate poverty", one has to look at what it funds.

A good percentage of these Catholic grants fund Alinsky-style, broad-based community organizations - including organizations Obama trained under and worked for - to restructure society along a socialist model. Alinskyian community organizations want to be the mediators of government, education, job training, job placement, healthcare, housing, and social services.

And if that isn't enough of a bitter pill, these organizations network with other progressives who fight against any limitation of abortion "rights" or homosexual "rights." Like Obama.

It's an absolute outrage that Catholic money is being funneled away from truly Catholic works of faith and mercy, and spent on two-dollar charlatans and hucksters who are selling the evils of socialism under a so-called "social justice" mantle. It's especially outrageous when one of these hucksters ends up running for president, on a platform of support for moral evils that Catholics abhor. "A WashingtonDC Catholic" is right--it's time for Catholics throughout America to demand that our money no longer be used for this sort of liberal leftist Democrat bilgewater, and insist on accountability and proof of tangible aid to the poor from our charitable contributions.


Charlotte said...

My husband told me about this story just the other day. We were wondering, in our naivete, if when you give money to your local Archdiocese's or Diocese's annual campaigns, if any of that money gets diverted to CCHD? We are concerned that maybe some of that money does, indeed, end up there? If we knew that to be true, we would have to stop giving, which would sadden us. I know there are some Catholics who argue that one should only give on a local level, because that way, you can sort of see the results or keep tabs.

Dawn said...

Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard about it and now will begin to research more. You are absolutely correct that this is an unacceptable use of funds. Thanks to you and WashingtonDCCatholic.

Journey of Truth said...

Excellent information. I love your blog - and DAwn will research this and blog about it, too, I'm sure. Keep it up, ladies, we need your voices!!