Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Simple Thought

I didn't have time to write today; since Sarah Palin said everything that needed to be said, (Hat tip: CMR) anyway, I thought I'd just post a picture or two.

As 4-D ultrasounds become more and more prevalent, it's going to become increasingly difficult for the pro-abort extremists to justify their murderous intentions. That baby in the picture is a baby, not a "product of conception" or "unwanted tissue" or anything else that can be destroyed at will--yet it is legal in America to kill that baby at any time before birth.

I know the objection, that late-term abortions account for only a handful of all abortions, that an earlier abortion doesn't really kill a person. But this little one is only ten weeks old:

If we're going to end the evil of abortion in America, we need to keep showing these little ones, whose lives are so brutally ended before they are born. The media won't show these kinds of pictures, and the pro-aborts don't even want women considering abortion to see them, lest they change their minds when confronted with the humanity and beauty of the lives growing inside them. Abortion really is murder; we only have to look at these tiny precious humans to realize that.

UPDATE: Pictures removed because I was unable to verify copyright information.  While most pro-life photographers and parents want their photos and ultrasounds to be shared, it's best to know for sure before posting pictures.

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Maclin Horton said...

I saw an interesting commercial yesterday while watching a football game. It was a quick visual sketch of the life of a pro football player, pretty typical stuff except that it began not with a newborn baby but with an ultrasound image of a fetus. I assume it was not any kind of deliberate statement, so maybe it indicates that people's minds are beginning to work that way as a result of ultrasound.