Saturday, October 4, 2008

When Angels Weep

Can you imagine discussing with a newspaper the fact that your abortion clinic has had a record year? Read this:

FARGO (AP) - The director of North Dakota's only abortion clinic says it could set a record this year.

Tammi Kromenaker is the director of the Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo, which marked its 10th anniversary in July. She said the clinic performs an average of about 25 abortions a week.

"The record for the number of abortions was 1,358 in 2003," she said. "Last year, we had 1,238. But this year, if we continue to see the same number of patients, we most likely are going to see the most patients in one year, a record number of abortions."

The increase is due in part to cuts in money for college health clinics, Kromenaker said.

"Part of it is the economy," she said. "Part of it's the fact that earlier this year, college health clinics had a lot of their funding rescinded. So younger women, college-aged students, can't get subsidized birth control. When you can't afford birth control, when it's $50 or $60 a month instead of $10 or $15, I think that makes a big difference."
What kind of moral monster does a person have to be to be directly involved in the murders of twelve or thirteen hundred people a year, and to speak about it as if it's merely an economic concern?

What kind of a moral monster do you have to be to think that for a college girl the option is to get cheap birth control or line up for abortions, as if there were no such thing as virtue, abstinence, or just saying "no" to the culture of mindless sex that flourishes on college campuses?

You have to be this kind of a moral monster. That link is to a Planned Parenthood site, just so you know, but here's what this woman, this person so steeped in evil that she can't even recognize it for what it is anymore, says about the 40 Days for Life campaign:

The campaign has energized the staff. We've been talking about the issue of choice a lot. Letters and donations supporting us have made a positive impact. Staff members have had very strong emotional reactions - one person said she was so proud to work here it made her want to cry.

When the letters of support arrive in the mail almost daily, it does bring tears to our eyes. It makes us realize again the positive impact we have on women's lives, and the great work we do in the community.

When we make an appointment, we prepare the patient for a possible encounter with protesters. The first day of the 40 day campaign there were about 30 protesters outside of the clinic. The first 6 or 7 patients didn't say one word about it. I think they believe it is normal, when in reality, we generally only have about a handful.

Angels in heaven weep for the souls of such as Tammi Kromenaker, who has no remorse for her work, for her role in seeing to it that more and more babies die from "choice." There are no words sufficient to express how hideous her banal attitude in the face of abortion is, no words that can accurately describe the cloud of darkness and weight of evil that wraps around her as she blithely goes to work each day and sees to it that more and more babies die under her watch. The 40 Days protesters who station themselves outside her clinic are heroes in trying to save such a person from the eternal damnation her "choice" has prepared for her, but if she doesn't heed them she will certainly go down to the eternal darkness she finds a worthy "choice."


Anonymous said...

In the temporal realm, were I king, such people would be hanged after a fair and efficient trial for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Sad, sad to the depths of one's soul.

Two points:

1. It is profoundly apalling that this is the end-result of a State's public policy. It is disturbing that the PP funding schema is derived from governmental (public) funding to an organization that calls itself a name seeming to indicate something other that its actual function of procuring abortions. Planned Parenthood is an euphemism name for a group that for all intents and purposes is 'Access Abortion USA'.

2, Had I known there was a choice to either live in Fargo or Moorehead, MN during residency in Fargo, we'd have lived on the other side of the Red River. In Fargo, I observed firsthand the effects of hypocrisy and carelessness in providing social, mental, and intellectual education, which may or may not be reflective of what is done all over the state. In a way, then, I'm saying that ND is different than other states based on my yearlong experience only living in Fargo. What I saw, granted that my family and I lived close the campus, was poverty of mind and spirit --living across the hallway from a crack dealer, poverty of inequitable share of wealth --even though campus was next door my son's 3rd grade classroom had only a set of reading books published way before I was a kid on their classroom shelves, yet the school across town closer to my work was considered a Blue Ribbon school, poverty of social injustice --seen when one of my preceptors failed a student from his rounds based on his skin color and ancestry (American Indian), a lecturer expressing his contempt from patients with +HIV, and Blue Laws for pharmacies--they weren't open on Sundays. In a town of college students, I could find no afterschool childcare. It was chilling to play tennis on courts in a park that looked like something designed by the 3rd Reich. Those are merely pessimistic or emotional opinions of Fargo. (A couple pluses, grocery stores had conveyor belts from the check out to sidewalk where loads could be retrieved at a drive-up area, and Garrison Keillor came to a school function to raise money for one of the kids with cancer, in order to help out with medical costs.)

To me, as the major religion in ND is Lutheranism, the initial point in resolution of this stark picture of the abortion clinic in Fargo is not that definition of life beginning at conception, but ensuring increased educational levels of all citizens, like it or not!