Friday, November 21, 2008

Coming Attraction

I have something to tell you about the situation in regard to the proposed Christmas pageant at my parish that I wrote about earlier this week, and I hope to get out here long enough to write about it a little later today. So many of you gave helpful and interesting advice, and I hope you'll be as interested the new development as I am--it's good news, I can tell you that.

But doing justice to the post requires a little thing called coherence. And a little thing called coherence is a little hard to come by today, because my Cold of Endless Crud that's been keeping me from getting everything I needed to get done, done, this week, took a fun detour when I woke up this morning with a mild fever and no voice to speak of (or with).

I have company, my in-laws, arriving Monday as I said before (thankfully, as I also said before, they were already planning to stay in a nearby hotel as we don't have a spare room). I have no idea what I'm feeding everyone for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and as for Thanksgiving dinner itself, I'm seriously considering the "order a cooked turkey" or "buy and heat a spiral ham" approach, mainly because nobody wants to eat a turkey the hostess has been coughing and sneezing on while she prepares it--and at this rate, I can't count on being completely over this stupid thing by next week.

So as soon as the oldest two girls finish their weekly math test, I'm gonna crawl back in bed for a bit in the hopes of knocking this dratted virus to the ground once and for all. The story of Father and the Pageant will have to wait, though I may get it up here this evening. In the meantime, if anybody has Really Quick Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Favorite Recipes to share or link to in the comment boxes, please please please I mean it really we'd love them thank you do so!


Stacie.Make.Do. said...

I often use Flylady's Thanksgiving plans:

Instead of roasting a whole turkey, you could just buy a turkey breast or two. Or a pre-cooked bird, like you said.

This year we're the visitors, so I only have to make one dish to bring. I'm thinking scalloped corn (canned corn, saltine crackers, onion, eggs, milk) or sweet potatoes (can of yams, orange juice, marshmallows).

Good luck and I wish you good health soon!

Anonymous said...

If you have a Trader Joe's store in your town, the boxed stuffing they sell is wonderful and quick. Also, I'm sure you know Pioneer Woman Cooks site. Some of the recipes are simple and quick, but not all. Recipezaar site also has good stuff.
Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the wonderful news. So happy you received a favorable response. There is justice going on in some places. That is good to know.

I can't help with the Thanksgiving Day dinner issue other than offering to buy the stuff and maybe coaxing in-laws to fix it?
I know one tradition we have had and to take stress off of the cook, is to have a huge pot of chili cooked and always warm for arriving guests the day or two before. Kids like it with chips and a salad could be placed for those who do not like it.
I am still recovering from the crud too.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi, Erin,
I feel your pain. I have had the Cold of Endless Death all week. Here is a recipe for an easy and yummy broccoli casserole. Hope you like it.

CrimsonCatholic said...

If you have a Trader Joe's store in your town, the boxed stuffing they sell is wonderful and quick.

For anyone who just moved to Texas from a place with Trader Joe's, that is like rubbing salt in an open wound. :(

Mick said...

I've read your posts before about how you aren't big into throwing huge dinners - my mother-in-law is from the same school of thought, but she throws a successful Thanksgiving dinner every year, with the only complicated "Thanksgiving side dish" being her sister's sweet potato casserole.

Other thank that, she just tries to keep it simple: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, corn, a can of cranberry sauce, dressing made with a pre-seasoned bag of bread crumbs and celery, a variety of bakery-bought pies. Now, granted, for me, that's not a real Thanksgiving dinner because there's no sauerkraut (I'm from Maryland), but it works for everyone else who's there.

As for a simple side dish idea- assuming your family eats sweet potatoes, a simple thing to do is just bake them in the oven for the last hour and a half or so that the turkey is roasting (the easy way is poking them a bunch of times with a fork, then rubbing them with butter and brown sugar and wrapping them in foil, then tossing them in the oven until soft). Halve them before serving.

My advice is not to get too nervous about it, just stick with what you know how to do and that you hit all the basics, and don't be afraid to make your kids help out with peeling, snapping the green beans, setting the table, etc.

LeeAnn said...

Erin, I posted my favorite very easy side dish recipe on my blog today. You could also call it dessert. ;)