Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Every Year

Every year, I make a sweet-potato puff for Thanksgiving; it's a family favorite, the "it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it" side dish.

Every year, I follow the recipe with a few slight alterations (all cinnamon instead of part nutmeg, doubled, with marshmallows instead of the sugary praline topping). Every year I make it the day before because the need to boil the sweet potatoes ahead of time seems to make it easier to get it out of the way before the main cooking event.

Every year I carefully double the amount of butter and add it to the orange gloppy mixture whirling away in the mixer.

And every year I forget what happened the previous year, when the cold sticks of butter coat themselves with sweet potato and hit into the beater.

So every year I clean up random glops of orange sweet potato from my stove, my floor, my shirt...

...and think "Man, I forgot to melt the butter again."

Every single year.

At least my "company" are out shopping with my husband and daughters. Because every single year, I also forget that some of the marshmallows in the cabinet are supposed to be for Thanksgiving, and let the girls use them up in hot chocolate two weeks before.


freddy said...

ahh, tradition!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all -- I'm very thankful for you.

God bless

Juli said...

That's funny, because I watched my butter do the same thing today. :) I think I had it slow enough that it didn't splatter everywhere and eventually it did melt.

eutychus said...

My wife makes this every year but not with such entertaining results. I do most of the cooking in my house and I have many similar adventures I can assure you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Irenaeus said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Red Cardigan,

One solution is to write yourself a note in the margin of the recipe, assuming that you actually still need to look at the recipe. I modify quantities after about the third bad try, write down microwave instructions, etc. Helps me!

Happy Thanksgiving from Scotch Meg

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Scotch Meg! :)

Actually, I did what you suggest. After I wrote this post, I wrote in purple Sharpie marker next to the word "butter" in the recipe: "Melt the butter first, stupid!"

So maybe next year....