Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Last Day

Today marks the end of the 40 Days for Life campaign; there have been at least 441 children saved from abortion over the last forty days:
There have been at least 441 turnarounds, where women seeking abortion changed their minds.
Several people have quit their jobs in the abortion industry, and clinics have advertised immediate openings on their staffs.
A number of abortion centers have been closed on days when abortions are usually performed.
Tens of thousands of people have taken part in 40 Days for Life events, many engaging in pro-life activities for the first time in their lives.
Each of these children will now have a future, instead of being a cruel statistic and a painful memory for their mothers. God's great love for these babies and their mothers has been evident in the loving witness of the prayerful protesters who helped so many to choose life.

I know that not all of us could be out there, praying and protesting in front of the clinics, present physically to be a witness of Christ's forgiving love.

But we were still present with our prayers, our thoughts, and our desire to see the unborn protected by our society, despite the grave danger we face of having a true cheerleader for abortion, a man who clearly wants abortion to be not only settled law, but preferential public policy, as our next president.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, we can't give up the fight for the unborn--because we're not just fighting for the lives of these precious children--we're fighting for the future of America.

No culture has ever stood long when its laws and policies excluded some humans from their protection, making some of them less than human in the law's eyes, and making it legal to kill or abuse or oppress them.

Ancient Rome fell. Sparta fell before her. The history of the ancient world is full of examples.

But we needn't look to ancient history to see this unfailing rule. The American South fell to the North when the South decided that slave ownership was more important than unity. Nazi Germany fell when the nations of the world rose up against the evils of the Third Reich. The Soviet Union was cracking apart long before the Berlin Wall fell in shards of shattered tyranny.

And if America doesn't learn this lesson, we, too, will be supplanted someday by people who welcome their children, and find any other course of action morally abhorrent.

When the Day of Judgment comes, the souls of the innocent unborn will accuse their killers and cry out to heaven against the evil done to them; but they will also accuse those who stood by and did nothing, said nothing, tried nothing to return to them the protection of the law which was so unjustly ripped away from them in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. These souls will point to America with particular sorrow--for was not our nation founded on the principle that all men are created equal? that all are endowed by their Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? How awful an irony will it seem on that last day that a nation so conceived and so nobly born could forget her own beginnings and define a whole class of human persons as being unworthy of that life, that liberty, that just pursuit of happiness.

We must not wait until the last day. We must not wait until the hour when there is no longer any turning back, when there is no longer an America to preserve, when our children's children face the same dreadful need to flee their homeland for her crimes as so many of our ancestors once did. We must speak up for the rights of the unborn while we are still free to speak.

The 40 Days for Life campaign may be at an end for this present year, but there is never an end to the pursuit of the rights of the oppressed. There is no greater injustice than the death of the innocent, and we must continue to cry out with all our strength against it, that we may be counted as neither the oppressors, nor the silent, but the friends of those we fought to save, even when we fought in vain. It will matter a lot which side of this debate and fight we were on--on the last day.


Rebecca said...

That's more than ten babies saved per day. Amazing. This quote from the 40 days site:

"The 40 Days for Life vigils show the importance of being physically present at the clinics, Bereit said. “This is where the evil of abortion is committed; this is where the evil of abortion must be confronted. People who seek the services of abortionists are people who have lost hope. The sight of people engaged in peaceful, prayerful vigil sends a message of hope at precisely the time these women need it the most. We must – and we will – continue to be present to offer that hope.”

I must admit that until now I did not realize how powerful an influence is possible just by the physical presence at the clinics. I used to pray at the local clinic with a small group from the church when my children were younger and I only had one or two; then as it grew more complicated to lug four of them I quit going, with the thought in the back of my mind that I can just as well pray at home. What has happened with the 40 days effort has really struck me and I now would like to try to make it every week, or maybe more realistically, since I can't drive, to offer to watch someone's kids for them while they go. It really is refreshing to see this kind of concerted effort, and makes me feel like there still is hope of each of us making some difference.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Erin, I couldn't agree with this post more.

I hope that the hearts of all the Pro-Obama Catholics might yet be touched before the election, and I also hope that I myself might "walk the walk" when it comes to living out my Pro-Life convictions.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.