Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Prayer of Reverend Wright

Do you remember when the Jeremiah Wright story first broke, and the Reverend Wright's inflammatory preaching made the news? Excerpt:

An ABC News review of dozens of Rev. Wright's sermons, offered for sale by the church, found repeated denunciations of the U.S. based on what he described as his reading of the Gospels and the treatment of black Americans.

"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people," he said in a 2003 sermon. "God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme."

Today, Rev. Wright's prayer has been answered.

Never before in the history of America have the nation's citizens selected as their leader a man so steeped in the support of evil as Barack Obama. Never before has America so sullenly turned her back on God and on His laws as she did this day; never before has America so unquestioningly played the harlot to the new false gods of modernity and relativism. Never before have Americans so blindly chanted slogans while secretly lusting after their neighbor's goods; never before have Americans been so naked in their covetousness, their demand that the federal government feed them and clothe them and wipe their snotty noses in times of illness--all to be paid for by the open theft of the honest incomes of other men, who now have no incentive to work hard and strive for success, since that success will be stolen from them and used to line the public coffers.

America was once a great nation, conceived in liberty, forged in the belief that all men were deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now America stands for nothing but materialism, bread and circuses, and the notion that only lives that we decide are worth protecting shall be protected--all others may be dispatched the moment they're no longer convenient to us. And our fellow citizens have worked for this, and hoped for this, and even--God spare them!--prayed for this.

There is no turning back from this evil hour. There will be no hope, now or ever, that a truly great America will return. I fully expect to see our borders opened, our sovereignty derided as unimportant and given away or sold to the highest bidder; I fully expect to see Christian values defined as "bigotry" and hatred of Christianity mainstreamed as "normal."

Abortion will be ubiquitous; the avenues of dissent will slowly be closed, and pro-life citizens marginalized and silenced. Gay marriage will become the law of the land, and will be made into a weapon to be used against all religious people who don't agree that our children must believe that Bob and Bill are "married" or that Sue and Liz are "married." Slowly it will become impossible for us to interact in any way in this brave new society, because we will have to hide our beliefs and even deny them in order to have access to jobs or businesses or any livelihoods whatsoever.

I don't know what God thought of Rev. Wright's prayer, but to all intents and purposes He has answered it. America is, if not damned, at least doomed. Perhaps someday on some distant shore we will teach our children's children about the great nation we once knew; but the slide into total degradation has begun, and unless God chooses to provide us with some miracle or other, there is nothing we can do to stop our once-great nation from becoming a rotting corpse, a whited sepulcher, a ghoulish and licentious shadow of her once noble self.

It's a cold comfort to me at this hour that I did do the one thing I could have done to prevent this evil from taking place; that is, I voted for McCain--but it is a comfort. I can say before God and man that I rejected this evil to the fullest extent possible to me, and I know that many of you can say the same. Perhaps together we can find a way to survive the coming onslaught against our liberties and our religious freedoms, or at least to help each other to minimize the worst effects of these things. We will no longer be at peace in the land of our birth, though, and the efforts made to end our two-hundred-plus years of religious liberty will be unrelenting and vile. It's time to start preparing for that reality now--there is nothing else left for us to do.


Leanna said...

It's a sad night.

CrimsonCatholic said...

Be cheered! The prince of this world still rules it for now, but we, the Body of Christ, have a much greater hope. At least we can look to something better.

LeeAnn said...

We can start lobbying and praying now that FOCA doesn't become a reality.

The economy will probably be so bad he won't be able to achieve even half the things he wanted. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Or maybe it will be like you wrote in your post. But I hope not! Don't despair!

Kerri said...


I wept when I heard the news on the radio tonight. Your post is so powerful, and I fear so, so true. But we musn't let the avenues of dissent close without a fight! We must fight for these babies! Yes, I wept when I heard of Obama's election, but it has also steeled my resolve and I will redouble, retriple, and requadruple my efforts here in the Hill Country to fight for life in whatever small way I can- not just for pre-born babies, but the children in the foster care system, pregnant teens, the lonely elderly in the nursing homes.

"They" will now claim that pro-lifers are irrelevant, but we must prove them wrong! We must remain a voice for those who have none! Please don't give up... I think we've all become complacent under Bush, and this is a jarring wake-up call. The culture of death is suffocating darkness, we have to be the light that pierces it, that drives it into the farthest corners.

It would be so easy and satisfying for us to harden our hearts toward Obama, but that is the last thing we should do. We need to pray for him and Congress- it hasn't passed and he hasn't signed the FOCA yet- we can pray for their hearts to change, we can write to them respectfully, espousing the Truth, we can put our money where our hearts are as far as pro-life PACs.

I do have faith that Good will triumph, maybe not in my lifetime, but I know that when my hour comes, no matter what the status of abortion in our country, I'll not regret one penny or one second spent trying to protect these most innocent and defenseless of beings.

Please, Red Cardigan and dear blog readers, join me! And God Bless America!

Kerri in KV

Christie Groth said...

Personally I have more faith in my God than to write my country off. God can and WILL take care of us...if we have faith the size of a mustard seed. I am shocked to see how many people lack that amount of faith... Please pray rather than give up hope on God!

Irenaeus said...

I know God's in charge of history and all, but history also gave us Nero, Domitian, Decius, Julian the Apostate, Luther, etc etc etc...

Red Cardigan said...

Exactly, Irenaeus. God has promised the Church will endure until the end of time. America? Not so much, especially if she, like so many other long-forgotten nations before her, sets her face against God's will and permits evil to flourish.

A former pastor of ours used to list the nations that went against God and His Church: Rome, Revolutionary France, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, etc. during his Christmas homily. He would point out that those nations were no more, yet God and His Church endured.

Then he illustrated the many ways America had turned against God and His Church...and left the congregation to draw the conclusion.

God has not promised that America will survive. America has now chosen a man whose whole heart is set against the law of God as our leader. May God spare us.

Erin said...

I do find this night troubling, but not only for the reasons that you listed. Barack Obama is a smooth talker and with his limited record, I think that many people see him as a blank slate, a platform upon whom they can project their own desires. He has somehow convinced a good number of the evangelical faithful that he stands for Christian values and quality of life.

However, current projection of ballots show that almost every pro-life measure that was taken in each state has been rejected. South Dakota's proposal to outlaw abortion except rape, incest or health of the mother? Defeated, as is Colorado's proposal to grant the rights of personhood to the unborn. The California statute to notify parents of minors undergoing abortions looks like it will go the same way. Meanwhile, the Washington proposal to legalize euthanasia is oozing its way towards recognition. So Americans had a chance to vote on these rights, separate from the flash and dazzle of Obama. And they have chosen death. Kýrie, eléison

Anonymous said...

Red, I hope that is the last defamatory piece that is played out on The Red Cardigan. Time to move forward and positively, put the slime-fest behind and work toward putting the pedal on the mettle. We believe, therefore we act--responsibly,

(Personally, I, as a fellow Catholic refuse to believe that the venomous disdain expressed over the last few days is in Red's true character.)

Siobhan said...

Michigan has passed Proposal 2, a bill that throws open the door to unrestricted ESCR in the state. The last line of the bill prohibits any future legislation that would restrict or discourage ESCR in any way, tying the hands of the legislature in the event of unintended consequences. It is astonishing how easily people give away their power and responsibiity.

Scott W. said...

Red, I hope that is the last defamatory piece that is played out on The Red Cardigan. Time to move forward and positively, put the slime-fest behind and work toward putting the pedal on the mettle. We believe, therefore we act--responsibly,

Nice caricature. Try interacting with substance next time.

CrimsonCatholic said...

Time to move forward and positively, put the slime-fest behind and work toward putting the pedal on the mettle.

When you are heading toward the ditch, the first step is to remove your foot from the accelerator. Obama is an objectively bad candidate, probably worse than any candidate than American history, who received more votes than any person in American history. We have to exhort him to change to the good, regardless of what got him elected, and to avert himself from the evil course. Pretending he is good will not help to do that. Make no mistake, Obama is a punishment to this country for loving the darkness rather than the light, and at this point, we just have to pray to be spared from the sentence that has been pronounced against us.

Charlotte said...

I'm sorry for Anonymous' comment. True, we don't really know what will happen, but you always speak as a Prophet. I enjoy your blog for this very reason - the wake-up call you put out to us. You DO say things, often times, in a manner that is dark and unsettling. But how will people RECOGNIZE that which IS dark and unsettling (and wrong, and sinful, etc.) unless someone like you has pointed out what those things will probably look like, if indeed they do come? I count on you to do this and I want you to keep on doing it. Thanks!

Rene'e said...


Remember Jesus's words "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

May these words bring us comfort and peace as we continue our fight against the Culture of Death.

Fr. Pavone speaks to us.Here are some quotes.

A Grave Mistake and an Abiding Hope

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

"As Americans come to know how extreme his position is, the intensity of the struggle to protect these children will only increase."

"The pro-life movement has made significant gains in the courts and in the law in these last eight years. For the next four, the movement will work to prevent the erosion of that progress.
It would be a serious mistake for people to think that this election means the pro-life movement has no political power."

"The vast majority of Americans are pro-life. They will fight abortion on the local level, opening pregnancy centers and closing abortion mills, activating their Churches and educating their children, proclaiming the message in the media and demonstrating in the streets. The pro-life movement is winning this battle in the hearts and minds of the American people, as opinion polls show and as the shrinking number of abortion mills and abortion providers prove.
Political races are always a swinging of the pendulum. As soon as you win, you begin to lose, and as soon as you lose, you begin the ascent again to winning. In the next two election cycles (2010 and 2012) the pro-life movement will make up for political ground lost in this one. "

"It is all right to be disappointed at the end of an election season, but one must never walk away. Amidst disappointment is abiding hope in America, where everything remains possible, and where a new chapter of the pro-life movement has just begun. The efforts that were made, and the sacrifices endured in this election season made a difference, and we will build on that difference to see another day when the work and the ballots of pro-life people will dismantle the Culture of Death. We will keep marching toward that pro-life America we seek, and won’t stop until we get there."


Anonymous said...

Irenaeus and Red,

Do not despair! Don't forget that though man writes his history, God allows tremendous good to come out of evil. Think of how many great saints came out of the eras of wicked leaders. Think of the history of the Israelites. I was depressed last night, but woke this morning asking "what can I do to help fix this over the coming years?" I will be praying for answers and the courage to continue to fight the good fight. God Bless.

Rebecca said...

You may be right, Red, it may be the beginning of the end. I think the possibilities are these: it will, as you say, be the beginning of the end of a free America. Or, it will be the end not only of a free America, but the beginning of the end of the world--certainly what is happening matches many of the prophecies, and there are quite a few indications in approved private revelations that the time of mercy is coming to an end. It's not like I think America is the world, but I do think that the tremendous increase of globalization makes it such that there is an acceleration in the spread of evil never before seen in all of history. The other possibility is that Christians will be allowed to reproduce long enough that there will eventually be a majority again; however, we should expect things to get worse before they get better. In that last possibility, it may happen that a lot of people who were wishy-washy on life or really just plain ignorant of Obama's and others' positions, may actually be moved to think or rethink when they begin to see what a totalitarian anti-life regime looks like. Also, the young may more and more be sick of the culture which was once a rebel culture and is now the mainstream that they are having to wallow in constantly, and they may become more open to something really underground and subversive like Chrisitianity. Lastly, those of us who have been praying for abortion *are* receiving a wake-up call, and I know that I will in the future be much more vocal and less timid in conversation, and I will take the effort to be involved in campaigning for good legislation when possible, and I be out there in front of Planned Parenthood every week during operation hours, with my baby and some literature, and I think many others feel the same. Each woman who changes her mind will then be like a little leaven in society, she and her baby, as a witness.

freddy said...

Maybe a little over the top, Red. But maybe that's just a personality difference. On the spiritual side, God has granted us a tremendous opportunity! I'm going to start saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for our government in our family on Wednesdays and Fridays. Perhaps our bishops would consider bringing back the Friday abstinance from meat rule. Couldn't hurt!

On a practical side, Barack Obama will soon be learning a few things.

1. The juggernaut of government moves very slowly, no matter how much vapid enthusiasm for "change" you have.

2. People don't really like "change" as much as they say they do, especially when it affects either their freedom, their wallet, or both.

3. Large crowds are fickle: first they're adoring you and then they crucify you.

4. The media is even more fickle. Within a year -- two at the most, they'll be airing stories of the struggling poor and nodding gravely to each other about Obama not being quite "ready." Oh, not his fault, poor boy, but still... (mutter mutter Hillary mutter mutter).

5. The Presidency ages you. It won't be pretty.

Anyway, God bless you and cheer up! Lothlorien faded too, as does everything in these latter days; just makes us long all the more for our true home. And you never know -- this old world may still have some bright days left in her!

Mick said...

Thanks, Red, just as I was trying to talk myself out of this funk!

Things look pretty bleak, and the damage this will do to the unborn is heartbreaking. I think it is now clear that politics are not the most effective way to heal this nation of its sins (although I am in no way advocating jumping ship on politics, either).

What we need are courageous saints and to live saintly lives. We need to pray and be examples and lights to the world. Christianity has persevered through worse, and I fear that we may be coming upon one of those bad times.

Our society will never be perfect (although some societies are more imperfect than others). Our political freedom is not a guarantee, but God's grace is. So although this is a sad chapter in our history, it is not a time to despair.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I can honestly say that I have not been as heartbroken and fearful in my 28 months of infertility as I was last night watching McCain's speech after conceding. Because this not only affects my future and my future children, but all of those children whom I have spiritually adopted- those who will never have a chance to speak for themselves. I am terrified.

But we will not be stopped by this. Images of tree-huggers come to mind as I envision the new laws that will prohibit pro-lifers from PRAYING in front of abortion clinics. If the tree huggers can support their beloved cause even in the face of "law," so can we. After all, we are fighting for babies, not soul-less plants. (Not that I have anything against the environment.)

And don't you worry. America will be SHOCKED at what happens in this country now- mark my words that this man will NOT be re-elected in 4 yrs.

Irenaeus said...

Oh, I'm ready to go to holy war on life issues now. I've been energized in some ways.

As far as America, I have come to hate it. We're evil, and that evil flows from our anti-Catholic, "Enlightenment" founding by both the Puritans (our first founding) and the Fathers (our second). This country has never been truly Christian, and we're now seeing the death fruit of Americanism.

I'm at the point of hoping someone nukes the shit out of us. Not really, of course. But I find myself at odds with my country, and thinking of ways I can jam a spoke in the wheel.

Dymphna said...

After WWII, an American soldier visited the German stimatist, Therese Neuamann. He asked her about America's future. She told him that America wouldn't be attacked by Russia but that the country would face ruin due to an internal disaster.

Rene'e said...


As in the Fall of the Roman Empire.

eulogos said...

I think we should start by showing up for the March for Life in truly massive numbers. Some signs could say "NO FOCA!"

I didn't hear, how many senators do the dems have? If they have fewer than 60, we can have signs saying "FILIBUSTER FOCA!"

But the important thing will be to show Obama by a massive demonstration right after his inauguration that we will not accept his evil attack on human life passively.

And if suddenly the very civil treatment we have always had in
Washington turns to police in riot gear, and if some of us get hurt, then Obama will have shown his hand early and we will know what we are up against.

Susan Peterson

Tony said...

Be not afraid.

Barack Obama is but one man. You and I have done all we possibly could to prevent his ascension to the Oval Office, but the fight is not ended, it has begun.

My fight starts with prayer. A prayer that President Obama has the scales brushed from his eyes and is able to see the detrimental nature and outright evil of some of his policies.

Should this not happen, I will fight tirelessly opposing his agenda. First off by campaigning for men and women of good will in all branches of government. This means beginning with town council, where neophyte politicians get their first experience.

Also, President elect Obama has made a lot of conflicting promises to many groups of people all of which (by their opposing natures) he cannot keep. I don't believe he'll be able to keep all those promises, dooming him to a one term Presidency.

There are probably many other promises that he had no intention of keeping.

j. christian said...

Slowly it will become impossible for us to interact in any way in this brave new society, because we will have to hide our beliefs and even deny them in order to have access to jobs or businesses or any livelihoods whatsoever.

This is what I fear the most. This is happening now, and it's only going to get worse.

I'm hesitant to say America is damned, but the feeling that we're on the slow trajectory of decline is strong.

GB said...

Be not afraid :-)

We pro-lifers must do whatever we can to build a society we're proud of, but in the end, all is in God's hands. Politics is not everything: this is what the left believes, because they do not have Faith and they only see this material and passing world.
I am thinking of something I think Mother Teresa once said: God doesn't ask us to be successful - He asks us to be faithful.
We will never make everything right in this world, but this shouldn't discourage us.

Think of how the Apostles must have felt after the Lord was crucified! Talk about suffering a defeat! They were scared, they were hiding, they were full of doubt. But they were not abandoned - just as we are not today.

Pray, be not afraid, keep fighting! The Lord is our Hope - one can only pity the poor people who only have Obama as their hope...

Maria said...

Susan, I'm with you. We need record numbers at this year's March for Life - right after the Inaguration. We need to send a big message to the new Congress and President that it doesn't want to spend its political capital in an ugly culture war with us. I've already started talking to friends and family to make sure everyone gets to DC next December.