Monday, November 3, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Note to the anonymous Obamabots who left messages on the post below this one: get a life. Really.

I'm going to be critical of your "messiah." Grow up and deal with it.

If he's elected I'm going to write a lot of negative things about him. If you can't stand that, find lots of echo-chamber blogs to visit that will reinforce you in your okayness, and don't bother stopping by this one.

My policy as to comments is simple: I welcome them, and I don't particularly mind disagreement, especially intelligent disagreement. I do not, however, consider comments which simply announce that I am wrong without giving any explanation as to why you think so to be intelligent disagreement; I consider them to be the equivalent of a teenage rant against the adult world.

And if you're too cowardly even to pick a nickname, choosing instead to post as "anonymous" and from that safe vantage point to fling mud, then I think you're really about ten to twelve, and are probably posting without your mother's knowledge or approval.

So I delete those, as I did on the post below this one. Because if you really are ten to twelve years old you shouldn't be posting drive-by mud-flinging without your mother's approval; and if you're older than that then you should know better.

Regular readers and commenters, I'm sorry you had to read so many of those childish comments before I got back out here to deal with them; bearing in mind that liberals think of "fairness" as "nobody ever ever ever gets to say anything we don't like or that hurts our feelings in any way" I'll be more vigilant over the next couple of days.

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Scott W. said...

I think bloggers should adopt my commenting policy. It's only one rule: expect any moderation to be capricious, heavy-handed, unapologetic, and (gasp!) undemocratic. :)