Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this blog to bring you a special reminder:

Today is December 23. You knew that. Christmas is in two days. You know that, too.

But if your family usually attends Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve (early vigil or Midnight Mass) then today is your last full day to do laundry before your children announce sometime tomorrow that the shirt, pants, socks, dress, sweater, tights, slip, or other necessary item of Christmas Mass clothing they need for the evening is in the hamper. Your husband, who may be counting on wearing the shirt he wore to work on Monday for Mass, may also tell you at three seconds before the last minute that it needs washing.

If you find out today, there will still be plenty of time to wash/iron/dry any of these articles. If you don't find out until sometime tomorrow, then depending on what time Mass begins, you may be pushing it. And even if you attend Mass Christmas morning it might be a good idea to check with any of your usual Laundry Offenders to make sure they hadn't just decided that it would be okay to wear sweat socks under their dress clothes, rather than tell you they needed dark socks or stockings washed.

As someone who has faced the "Night before Christmas laundry shortage" before, I thought I'd put out this little reminder in plenty of time. Hope it helps!



Mary Poppins NOT said...

I thank you, profusely!

Anonymous said...

I thought of this post when I arrived at work Wednesday morning still 'reeking' of incense, knowing that I was carrying the fragrance to my patients because I'd not planned time to do laundry before running out of certain items of underclothing.