Thursday, January 15, 2009

Confessions of a Temporarily Radioactive Redhead

Thanks to all for your continued prayers for me; the worst should be over now, though I won't get my official results until next week.

The nuclear stress test went very much as described by commenter Maria, in the post below this one; the only thing I wasn't quite prepared for was that the two sets of infrared pictures would require lying still on a table for twenty minutes each time while the camera slowly circled around me. Doesn't sound too bad--but what is it about lying on a table with a pillow under your knees, being told to raise your arms over your head and having a pillow placed under them as well, being told to breathe normally but not to move at all, that instantly, the second the camera starts moving, makes your nose itch?

And the treadmill part wasn't bad, either; I think I was having flashbacks of gym class and fearing that I would get a "C" in treadmill operation from my really harsh freshman gym teacher, who would have taken off points both for my lack of style and my uneven pacing. As it was, though, the two nurses with me kept saying I was doing fine, except at one point when I had to be reminded (a second time) to walk, not march. "That's hard for me," I admitted, grinning and forcing my heels to hit the treadmill before my toes. "Redheads don't walk, not even when we enter rooms: we march." At which the nurses laughed quite heartily--apparently they know some redheads.

The whole thing was over in about two and a half hours, and other than that feeling of ravenous hunger that always accompanies early morning fasting (but is quite familiar to any Catholic who has ever attended early morning Mass on Ash Wednesday) there really wasn't anything too awful or uncomfortable about it; even the IV insertion, the only actually painful moment, was brief and pretty familiar considering I just spent a weekend in the hospital.

So aside from my blood pressure which is still misbehaving a bit--and that may be mostly due to the fact that one of my medicines couldn't be taken before the test, because it would interfere with the exercise portion--I'm hoping that all else is well. Like I said before, I won't know for certain until next Thursday, so I really do appreciate all the prayers being sent my way. I know your prayers are helping me do three things:

1. Not worry unduly about the various possibilities, but focus on what I can do to get the blood pressure down;
2. Handle dealing with all these medical things, when I'm the kind of person who would rather pretend that doctors only exist on television and in other forms of fiction; and
3. Keep my promise to my husband not to spend too much time on the computer, even though both Mark Shea and Rod Dreher are writing about things I dearly want to comment on just now.

Thanks for praying for me! God bless!


Wendy in VA said...

Glad it's over! We're keeping you in our prayers.

freddy said...

Sounds like it went pretty well. Hope they can get your results in soon and everything balanced out for you quickly.

Did Mr. M say exactly how much time was "too much?" ;)

Keeping the prayers coming!

Deirdre Mundy said...

I can see how commenting on blogs could effect your blood pressure!!!! =)

Maybe if you only read soothing things?

Jeanne said...

I just found out today that I have to have a nuclear stress test. I'm so glad I have been reading your blog! Have you found out your results yet?

Red Cardigan said...

Jeanne, my results were normal, which meant that my heart isn't the problem--it's in good shape (though my brother joked, "That doesn't mean it's in the right place..." Looks like it's just my blood pressure--which isn't so bad to deal with, really!

I hope your test goes well, also--will keep you in my prayers.