Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Food Quizzes

Even though Catholics are now free to substitute some other penance for meatless Fridays, our family has done the meatless Friday from the beginning. For one thing, it's much easier to do this together than to come up with other penitential acts; for another, though it's no longer required this ancient way of making a small offering to the Lord on the day of His Passion is a venerable and beneficial tradition.

I try to come up with some interesting vegetarian meals, and have done everything from homemade falafel to a spicy black bean soup that we enjoy so much we don't always wait until Friday to have it. But like many families we have our "Friday staples," those foods we eat fairly often on Fridays and that we can always turn to in a pinch.

For us, the three staples are pizza, pasta, or breakfast-for-dinner. I'd prefer some fish in there as a staple, but Mr. Manning dislikes fish very much and prefers that I not serve it on a night when he must eat it (as opposed to cooking some during the week, when he can have chicken instead).

So below are a few fun quiz results I got for some of these foods; just click the links to take the quiz yourself. And if you'd like, in the comment box, please tell us what your Friday staple(s) are!

Your Pizza Says:

You tend to be attracted to rustic, homemade foods.

You don't like fancy restaurant food. You prefer your own cooking.

Pizza Topping You Should Try: Basil

Stay away from: Any pizza overloaded with a mess of toppings

You Are an Onion Bagel

You are spontaneous, savvy, and multi-talented.

You enjoy taking risks, and you're not the kind of person who makes long term plans.

Of all the types, you're the most likely to eat something new for kicks.

You tend to have something unusual for breakfast... if you even have breakfast at all.

You Are Spaghetti with Pesto

Compared to most people, you have complex tastes. You're a bit of a walking contradiction.

You like a little bit of everything, even if the things you like don't go together.

You aren't picky at all. You can find something to like about almost anything.

You don't judge on appearances alone. You like to experience something before you judge it.

What Pasta Dish Are You?

Next week, I should be back to regular blogging (for the most part; I've got two more doctor appointments at the end of the week). Thanks again to everyone who has kept me in prayer!


Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese, tuna fish sandwiches, pasta, and breakfast are our "in a pinch" Friday meals. Pizza and seafood are "treats" to us so it doesn't seem like much of a penance for Friday. Before I became Catholic, I found it funny that Catholics I knew would go out for seafood as a "penance". You remain in our prayers.


Rebecca said...

I picked your same pizza. I was disappointed in the bagel test though because you had to choose *between* cream cheese and lox. Can you imagine a bagel with lox without half an inch of cream cheese under the lox??? I (grudgingly) chose the cream cheese because cream cheese is like faith; you can have faith without hope but not hope without faith.

Our Friday staples are: tomato soup with sourdough grilled cheese, spinach/cheddar quiche, or fish. I'd like to get good at making pizza.

Lindsay said...

We floundered a bit (HA!--didn't mean to make a fish joke, but there it is) before we've settle on tuna melts as our Friday favorite for dinner. Probably something with black beans for lunch...

Deirdre Mundy said...

We usually do Lentils and Rice... sometimes Cuban black beans as a treat....

Except we actually eat vegetarian several dinners a week anyway, so I'm not sure it's particular penitential for us....

But with the kids so young, we find plenty of OTHER oppurtunities for penitential evenings..... usually unplanned (and involving vomit. yuck...)

Nikki said...

Don't know if you have a Trader Joe's near you, but that is my go-to store for Friday meals. They have a seafood medley that is great with pasta and alfredo sauce. There are also some good veggie/black bean burgers. They also make a goat cheese pizza we really like. When in need of a good Friday meal, I can usually find something to try there.

If I am in the mood to cook a little more, butternut squash soup is a family favorite. Even my girls enjoy it. My recipe can be found here

Anonymous said...

Can we NOT talk about Lent this soon?

Red Cardigan said...

Anonymous, who's talking about Lent? Some of us do meatless Fridays all year.

I love all the different ideas! Alas, we do not have a Trader Joe's.

Jenny R. said...

We're also meatless on Fridays. My husband loves dhal, an Indian lentil dish. We're in New Orleans, so we sometimes do the traditional red beans & rice. We've also done frittatas quite a bit--usually with whatever veggies I have in the fridge and whatever cheese we've got. Last night we had leftover cauliflower and chickpea curry soup. It was delicious (and I tried my hand at home-made tortillas (which looked like and functioned as naan)!)

We, too, do meatless several times a week other than Fridays, for budgetary reasons. Black-eyed peas and rice with sweet potatoes, veggie quesadillas or enchiladas, veggie lasagna... always with whatever veggies we've got around. Cumin and chili powder makes anything taste "Mexican", red pepper flakes and oregano makes anything taste "Italian".

I've just found your blog recently, and have been mush enjoying it. I stay at home with my two-year-old twin girls and their 11-month-old little sister... so my days frequently revolve around cooking in ten-minute increments!

eutychus said...

I have a few meatless meals I make for my wife. (The boys eat mac and cheese on those evenings) Her favorite is an Italian mac and cheese that has mushrooms, onion zucchini in a tomato juice and oregano sauce. I'd give you the details but all my cook books (and every other book) are stacked about as we do some remodeling and I can't find it.
Meanwhile, for those doing grilled cheeses you might consider a nice cheddar and a spoonful of chutney for a change and I recently read of a tunafish spread that uses pickled veggies in it but I haven't tried it yet.