Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Inaguration Prayer

One thing we can all do today, even disgruntled pro-life conservatives who never have trusted slick Chicago Democrats, is pray for our new leaders. I do struggle a bit with this, as I think of a prayer offered in Fiddler on the Roof ("May the Lord bless and keep the Tsar--far away from us!). But I've come up with something honest to share:

Lord, it has pleased You to chastise our nation by elevating to our highest office men who call what is evil, "good," and work for its success. Watch over Barack Obama and Joe Biden closely, dear Lord; for the sake of their souls give them the gift of failure whenever they attempt to increase the evils of abortion, ESCR, euthanasia, or the many other sins against the sanctity and dignity of human life which they embrace without hesitation. Thwart them, Lord, when they work to expand and promote these evils; haunt their souls with Your Voice, calling them to repentance and grace. Preserve them from the evils of ambition and deadly pride; grant them many opportunities to grow in humility and to become aware that You are the one Who is really in charge, not only of our nation, but of all nations.

Almightly God, remove from America the sin of abortion. Call her away from this terrible moral darkness and open her eyes to the pit of evil upon which she stands poised. Let America turn away from this sin, before Your wrath demands her destruction.


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