Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Donations for Amy Welborn's Family

Danielle Bean has posted a link to a Paypal account for the Dubruiel family:

At Faith and Family Live (the site is having some trouble today, though)

and here, at her own blog.

Also, Danielle and others have reported that the proceeds from Michael's book, The How-To Book of the Mass, go to the children's college fund.

I'm sure that any help we can give at this time will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Father Zuhlsdorf is collecting a spiritual bouquet here. Please leave your prayers and messages to be sent to the family.


Anonymous said...

Faith and Family is down because they are LC. They've denied it in the past but they are. They're awaiting orders on what to say, how and when to say it.

I am disgusted. I will absolutely do what I can for the Welborn family, but never in a million years through any LC/RC site or people associated with them.

Red Cardigan said...

Anonymous, it's not a secret that Faith and Family is an LC/RC owned publication.

The website's issues this morning, though, have been sporadic and may even be traffic-related, as so many try to click on the information about Amy's husband and their family's situation. So I highly doubt that they are "awaiting orders" or any such thing.

Red Cardigan said...

Anonymous, I've deleted your most recent comment.

If you'd like to talk about the LC's connection to Faith and Family, please take the discussion to the Fr. Maciel thread, below. I'm not a fan of the Legion and am not in any way trying to stifle the conversation, but I think it's inappropriate to discuss this any further in a post about helping Amy Welborn and her family.


Katerine said...

Michael Dubruiel's great book on the Mass moving up the charts at Amazon. I don't know where it was yesterday, but it's taken a huge jump already today as we all work together to support the family.