Sunday, February 15, 2009

May I Direct Your Attention... my first-ever piece for the fascinating and erudite website, MercatorNet?

It's here:

Leaving the kids to the village idiot.

The piece expands on some of what we talked about here, in regard to television sets being mounted everywhere you go, and parents' increasingly hard task to keep the culture--or at least some elements of it--from our children.

If you'd be so kind as to click the link, read the essay, maybe even leave a comment if you feel so inclined, I'd be so grateful! Thanks!


Rachelle said...

Very well put. It is nasty and it is getting worse and I wonder what we can do about it. Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one and no matter what I do or what letters I write or what stores I/we boycott, it doesn't matter. But we must keep fighting the fight. Also, just a comment on the sports channel, most times that is not better as that is geared towards the male and it has mostly with scantily clad woman selling products or viagra commercials. by the way, I just started following your blog and I love it. It's great to find conservative, Catholic writing.

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

Done and done.

Rachelle wonders what we can do about it. Likely nothing effective. We can and should pray, and continue to try to be a faithful witness, but honestly I don't think we are going to be anything more than a sign of contradiction to the world. Still, Rachelle is not alone.

And may I say (as a man who has a long and troubled history with sins of lust) that our pornified culture, where it's just sex sex sex all the time, is a terrible burden. When you see a racy ad, a billboard of a girl in a bikini, etc., remember to say a quick prayer for the countless men who struggle against such temptations.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Great article. You did a great job!

To voice my objection to the scantly clad magazines at the check out, I am now, if all our children are in tow, going to politely turn all the magazines around. I counted 6 this morning that were like that.

melissa said...

For magazines in the check-out aisle, ask the management to cover them, and then make a point of thanking them if they do. One of our local grocery store chains puts opaque plastic sheets over the magazines that have explicit covers so that only the name of the magazine shows.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks so much! I like opey124 and melissa's suggestions--these are practical ideas.

Gary, thanks for the reminder. Since my children are all girls, I tend to focus on the exploitative message being sent to them--but moms of sons have so much more to worry about with all of these displays.

Catharina de Bononia said...

I've been reading your blog for just a short while, but want to chime in with everyone else and agree. We don't have a t.v. at all--it happened not so much as a conscious choice than just as a coincidence--but now with three girl babies (twins age 2 1/2 and a baby who'll be 1 in a few weeks), my husband and I are *so* glad we've never gotten one!

Thankfully, the only place we really see television is at our favorite Mexican restaurant--and it's sports-only, sound-off... so we're pretty well able to ignore (the tv's are installed in the corners of a pretty big room, so as long as we sit toward the middle, it isn't NEARLY as distracting to my babies as the other patrons are!)

Anyway, I like to read suggestions as to things to do about magazines in the check-out lines--my girls do go with me to the grocery, and while it isn't a big deal yet, I'm glad to read about things I can do to try to help.

Thank you.

Audra said...

Loved the article. Sadly, I don't think "the village" will ever improve its programming. I'm constantly either changing the channel, hitting mute, or turning the thing off completely even during morning news/entertainment programs so that my daughter isn't exposed to things she doesn't need to be exposed to at an early age.

I constantly have visions of TV disintegrating to the depths of horror depicted in the movie "Idiocracy."