Monday, February 16, 2009

On My Blogroll

I don't generally announce the fact that I've added a new blog to my blogroll. This is largely because ordinarily I'm adding some terrific blog that's been recommended to me for months and months by lots of people, and after I've been reading it for some time I finally remember to put it over on my list, at which point announcing that it's there would be somewhat superfluous, since by this time everyone but me already has the link.

But this blog is brand new, so chances are that you haven't seen it yet. It's called A Caustic Wave of Discernment, which quirky title suits the quirky author, my dear husband Mr. Manning, rather well.

Mr. M. has blogged before, but his earlier forays into the blogging world have been somewhat low profile. He first blogged on Vox, a platform he liked except for the fact that since only other Vox users could leave comments there wasn't a whole lot of readership or traffic. He then tried Wordpress very briefly; unfortunately his first attempt to say something mildly negative about then-candidate Obama was followed by Obamabot trolls essentially shutting down any hope of civilized discourse, which led him to give up on that particular venture.

I managed to talk him into giving Blogger a try, since I've found it to be pretty user-friendly overall. He's been writing his new blog for a little over a week, so I think he's ready for some traffic and comments--in any case, I gave him fair warning that I was going to post this! :)

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