Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Prayer Request

A reader writes the following prayer request:

Dear Erin,

Would you please pray for my friend Don, who had diabetes for years before it was diagnosed? Consequently his body has been severely damaged. He's lost the sight in one eye, and his kidneys have been damaged to point where this family man in his early forties is looking at dialysis. He's despondent and doesn't know how he's going to pay for everything.

I don't know how to help my friend except by prayer, and I am trying to get St. Blog's involved. Will you please remember him in your intentions?

Thank you, and may Our Lady protect you.
Heavenly Father, you give us all good things, and never fail to hear your children's fervent prayers. Please bless your servant Don, grant to him swift healing of his ailments, and help him and his family in this hour of need. I ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success, and of Saint Paulina who herself suffered from diabetes during her earthly life. Amen.


KC said...

Praying for this man.

freddy said...


Anonymous said...

We will most definitely pray for him.