Friday, March 20, 2009

Adopting the Welborn Protocol

I'd like to draw attention to the "Contact Me" bit on the right-hand side of this blog. You'll notice that below my email address I've added the Welborn Protocol; for the convenience of those who use Google Reader or another feed service here's what it says:
As of March 20, 2009, this Site has chosen to employ the Welborn Protocol: All correspondence may be blogged unless you specifically request otherwise. Please feel free to continue to send me private letters; just begin your email with the word "Private" or place the word "Private" or the letters DNB (do not blog) in the subject line of your email to me. Every effort will be made to respect your privacy when you request it.
Up to now I've always considered emails to be private, and have only blogged things sent to me on two types of occasions: one, when the sender says, in effect, "Hey, check out this news story--you might want to comment on it," and two, when the sender sends a prayer request which is obviously meant to reach as many people as possible. Otherwise, I've emailed my correspondents back when they've sent something that I'd like to write about, or when their email is germane to a post I'm working on.

But recently I've started to receive more emails from readers, and at times I'd like to comment on something or quote some pithy observation--but by the time I think about sending the person a request the email is no longer relevant.

So, from here on out, I most likely won't contact someone directly to find out if I can blog something; anything sent to me can be blogged unless you ask me not to do so.

Exceptions to this rule are emails sent from immediate family members to my gmail address, and business emails sent to that address (since I receive a few emails from people for whom I occasionally write at that address, as well).

I do enjoy hearing from readers and I certainly hope that my use of the Welborn Protocol won't stop you from writing to me! It was just getting a bit confusing and complicated to contact people when they email me something I'd like to post here. That happened today, and while I'm waiting to hear back from my correspondent (since she wrote before I posted this) I thought it would be a good time to make the change.


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LarryD said...

"The Welborn Protocol" - out of context, it sounds like a Robert Ludlum title!

Have a blessed day, Erin!