Monday, March 2, 2009

Catholics for Moloch

So, Barack Obama may think that questions about when life begins are above his pay grade. But apparently he has no problem selecting for his head of Health and Human Services someone who is good friends with the kind of guy who thinks that slaughtering full-term infants is a good idea:
Last year, Planned Parenthood boasted in a Wall Street Journal story they would spend an unprecedented $10 million in the 2008 election cycle to make sure they elected strong allies at all levels of government. With the election of President Obama and a long chain of Planned Parenthood affiliated cabinet and staff members, the investment has paid off.

The crown jewel for Planned Parenthood’s portfolio is the appointment of Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas as Secretary of Housing and Human Services, deceptively presented in an Associated Press article on February 28 as a lovable Democratic governor “reaching across the aisle” to do whatever she can to “minimize abortion;” the article even credits her with the 9% drop in abortions from 2002-2007. [...]

Sebelius is arguably the best friend to the abortion industry of all our country’s governors. She has proven during her tenure that it is possible to have abortion restrictions on the books while simultaneously preventing their enforcement. As governor, she made prevention of enforcement and protection of the abortion business a top priority. When former Attorney General Phill Kline became the first prosecutor in the nation to file criminal cases based on redacted abortion records from infamous late term abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood, Sebelius swung into action to prevent him from ever gaining a conviction. [...]

With Sebelius’ ties to notorious late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller and her consistent decisions to put the interests of the abortion industry above the safety of families, the Governor has clearly indicated where her loyalties lie. She is bought and paid for by the abortion industry and President Obama is showing his true colors by continuing to serve up the culture of death in choosing the poster girl of the abortion industry to run an agency whose decisions will influence every aspect of our lives.
Read the whole Human Events essay if you can; its author, Jennifer Giroux, gets into some other troubling aspects of Kathleen Sebelius' wholehearted and enthusiastic support of the murder of unborn children.

One aspect not mentioned in the Human Events article, but mentioned elsewhere, is what a slam this pick is to Catholics. Sebelius, of course, is a Catholic who has been asked by her own bishop to stop taking communion, so openly objectively evil is her unwavering abortion cheerleading. This blatant disregard by Obama for the sensibilities of his Catholic supporters has been met by some of those supporters with the most disgusting example of sycophantic boot-licking toadyism ever demonstrated by Catholics eager to curry favor with a leader who obviously has nothing but contempt for them; I refer to the website "Catholics for Sebelius," to which I will not link as I don't want the residual electricity from their eventual divine smiting to harm my computer. I'm kidding. A little.

But in all honesty, I have to wonder at what point those Catholics eager to sell themselves on the altar of political expedience will find enough to be enough. At the present time I think Obama could nominate Moloch to run a department of the government, and the response from the "Catholics Who Shill for Abortion Pols" and their various works and pomps would be to set up, with the same dog-like docility, a "Catholics for Moloch" webpage. It wouldn't be all that different from their "Catholics for Sebelius" page; they could have the same sort of "Q and A" page, which could read, in part, as follows:
Is Moloch really Catholic?

As a pagan god, Moloch is very religious. His whole pagan deity family is very religious, and assured that Moloch would have a very religious upbringing. Moloch believes in the dignity of human life, especially the power that comes from immolating infants. Surely all people of religious values can agree that Moloch is someone who shares our core values.

Does Moloch support abortion?

Moloch agrees with Catholic Church teaching that abortion is wrong. He much prefers that fully born infants be thrown into his fires, rather than aborted ones. However, recognizing that this is a complex issue and understanding the need for real compromise instead of polarized debates, Moloch accepts the homage paid to him by Dr. George Tiller as an example of acceptable infant slaughter, even though it is technically abortion and not ritualized human sacrifice, which he prefers.

Did abortions increase in Biblical times under Moloch's watch?

No. Infanticide did, but this was a fervent religious custom that our training in multicultural diversity sensitivity must appreciate. But Moloch never increased abortion, and in fact probably kept abortion rates low, since women who were his worshipers could always toss unwanted infants into the flames covering his altars of sacrifice. Catholics can find much to celebrate in Moloch's determination to reduce abortion rates!
And so on. It would be just as easy to cast Moloch as an acceptable choice for Catholics as it is to paint Sebelius in that light; the truth is, Sebelius never met an abortion dollar in fundraising she didn't like, and has been the kept woman of the Kansas abortion industry for a long time now.

I see this pick as a line in the sand drawn by Obama; he wants to know just how many of his "Catholic" supporters will cross it to stand by him, and loudly proclaim that Sebelius is just as pro-life as anybody, even though her own bishop has told her not to present herself for communion. After Obama's pick of the pro-choice "Catholic" Biden to be his vice-president, this is starting to look like a disturbing pattern: Obama is bent on going to war with the Church in America over abortion--and he thinks he will win it.

So while the "Catholics Who Shill for Abortion Pols" rush to be the first to cross that line and assure Obama that his grace and favor mean much, much more to them than God's, the rest of us are finding that line in the sand to be the faint tracings of a battle line being drawn. With Obama's concurrent act to rescind conscience protections to keep health care workers from being forced to participate in abortions, the battle plan is emerging clearly, and it's a two-pronged attack: Obama will surround himself with Catholics eager to declare that you can dissent from Church teaching on abortion while still remaining a Catholic in good standing, and at the same time will dismantle all religious protections that keep Catholics and others from being forced to participate in the evil of abortion. The end game is to weaken and destroy any notion that being Catholic means being pro-life and/or that one's Catholic, pro-life views are deserving of any protection in the public square.

Surrounded by Catholic abortion quislings like Biden and Sebelius, lauded by Catholic sycophants like those behind the pro-Biden and pro-Sebelius website, Obama will seek to advance the notion that being opposed to abortion is a mere quirk, a view held by some Catholics who perhaps aren't capable of deep, complex thought, a view that should be humored, perhaps, but neither respected nor protected, nor even, among health-care workers, tolerated. He's already defining the debate, and if those of us Catholics who understand that opposition to abortion is a crucial and non-negotiable issue for Catholics don't get busy fighting back, it won't be too long before that "Catholics for Moloch" website is a reality.

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"Child of God," if you'd like to repost your comment with just the "No Fundamental Freedoms" link, please do! While I admire your creativity, I thought the first picture was the sort I usually avoid out of sensitivity to post-abortive women who have come to regret their abortions. I think it's good to be mindful of their pain when we write and create blog posts, don't you?