Monday, March 23, 2009

A Nation of Moral Midgets

In my post below this one, I write about parents making decisions on behalf of their minor children.

A federal judge in New York thinks otherwise:
A federal judge on Monday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make the Plan B morning-after birth control pill available without prescription to women as young as 17. The judge ruled the agency had improperly bowed to political pressure from the Bush Administration when it set 18 as the age limit in 2006.

The F.D.A. has 30 days to comply with the order, in which the judge also urged the agency to consider removing all restrictions on over-the-counter sales of Plan B. The drug consists of two pills that prevent conception if taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse.

Some women’s health advocates hailed the decision.

“It is a complete vindication of the argument that reproductive rights advocates have been making for years, that in the Bush administration it was politics, not science, driving decisions around women’s health,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-profit group that was one of the plaintiffs in the case against the F.D.A.

But some conservative groups voiced concern that the ruling could promote sexual promiscuity. “Now some minor girls will be able to obtain this drug without any guidance from a doctor and without any parental supervision,” the Family Research Council said in a released statement.
I will now preemptively apologize for using a few colorful phrases in this post; my feelings on the subject are quite strong, as you can probably imagine.

This is absolute insanity. This is an attack on the family, at the highest levels of government.

Parents are responsible for their minor children. If your 17-year-old is truant from school, in states that require compulsory education through the age of 18, you can be arrested along with your erring teen under some circumstances. If your 17-year-old destroys someone's property you can be held liable. If your 17-year-old drinks alcohol from your house and is later involved in a drunk-driving accident you will likely be sued by the victims and may end up in jail.

But if your 17-year-old is having sex with her thirty-year-old high school basketball coach, the law wants to make sure she can get her Plan B over the counter without having to get a prescription from a doctor, without any parental involvement, and without anyone finding out that her predatory and evil teacher is committing statutory rape.

And consider the judge's advice to the F.D.A.: remove all restrictions on Plan B. Heck, why not put it in the same aisle with the Flintstones Vitamins (tm), musical toothbrushes and cartoon character headbands; we wouldn't want the tramp-pill manufacturers to miss out on the newly-pubescent market, would we?

This isn't a battle between politics and science (however ironic it is to have a shrill vocalist from a political pro-abort agitgroup trying to frame the issue that way). This is a battle between politics and parents, between condomaniacs and common sense. This is a battle between the insane sex-saturated goons running this culture into the ground, who think that any girl over the age of eleven who isn't making herself regularly available to the fifth-grade wrestling team is missing out, and those of us who still think it's a hideously bad idea for little kids to play house in the kind of way that leads to one of them thinking some Plan B might be a good addition to her school-supply box, alongside the markers, the glue-stick, and the blunted scissors (because, you know, we can't let kids have sharp scissors in school; they might get into trashy daytime talk-show reenactments in the halls, and somebody might get hurt, whereas encouraging minors to have sex is perfectly safe and a really good idea, especially if you work for Planned Parenthood, or the Center for Reproductive Rights--making sure that middle-schoolers are sexually active is job security, baby, and we can't have too much of that).

And what happens when your child, age eleven or thirteen or fifteen or seventeen, comes to you complaining of a severe headache--and you don't know that she took Plan B, and that this is a warning sign of a serious side effect that should receive medical attention immediately, but treat it like any other headache a child might have? What happens when your diabetic child takes Plan B, ignoring the information on the package insert that this pill isn't recommended for diabetics who should be closely monitored if they take it? What if your child is one of those who develops an ectopic pregnancy after taking Plan B, but you rush her to the hospital assuming appendicitis, and the diagnosis is delayed because she doesn't want to say anything about having taken Plan B?

In the real world, parents are the ones who deal with the consequences of their children's actions, up until the child reaches adulthood. There's a reason why we don't expect young girls to make healthy food choices without help and guidance, to brush their teeth regularly without being reminded, to help themselves from the medicine cabinet when they have a headache or a cold, to wear appropriate safety gear when they play sports unless we teach them about it, and buy it for them. But our expectations that parents have an important role to play in teaching our children about health, safety, moral values, and good choices goes right out the window when it comes to sex; we're assured by the toxic and degrading culture that our children will be sexually active just as soon as the urges start to strike them, that there's nothing we can or should do about it, that making Plan B available to girls who can't legally purchase their own cold or allergy medicine (which will only be sold to people over 18) is a perfectly sane and rational thing to do.

I think that from now on, any parent who is charged with any crime or sued for any reason stemming from the behavior of any of his minor children ought to instruct his legal counsel to pull up this ruling from Judge Edward R. Korman as proof that American parents are no longer to be held responsible for their children's actions. If our children are free to have sex and to buy Plan B with no parental input whatsoever, then no parent anywhere ought to pay for a broken window that fell victim to his child's baseball skills, or to be held accountable for his child's failure to attend school, or to take responsibility for his child's decision to hold a keg party on his parents' lawn. Since Judge Korman believes that not only 17-year-old girls, but girls of any age whatsoever should be able to purchase Plan B at the local pharmacy with no parental guidance, no prescription, and no adult oversight, he has effectively declared the end of the responsibility parents have to protect their children--because the judge apparently thinks that "protection" is something made of latex or of progestin, which kids only need once the little tykes have decided it's high time to act on those sexual urges that their public school teachers have been telling them about, with detailed instructions, since kindergarten.

We've become a nation of moral midgets, pimping our children to the Culture of Death. People like Judge Korman are proof of the annihilation of common sense, dignity, virtue, decency, and respect for parental authority that are the hallmarks of this degenerate age.


MacBeth Derham said...

And my assemblyman, who graduated from a minor seminary, is in favor of this. Can no one reason anymore?

GregK said...

I would love to see the ensuing legal battle if the FDA simply told the judge to stuff it.

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

Tell it Red! Good Lord, this wmoan can write.

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

She's a "woman", too.

Irenaeus said...

I keep asking myself, when does the revolution start?

New Orleans Is Home Now said...

Add one more to the long list of reasons why I will NEVER go back to New York (or New England for that matter) to live, despite having grown up there.

Irenaeus said...

Yeah, I used to think people who retreated to Idaho were nutjobs. Lo and behold, I find myself recently thinking like a nutjob...

j. christian said...

I keep asking myself, when does the revolution start?

Well, if we start now, we have a good chance of forming a nation out of the red states in the middle. We'd need at least Texas, I'd think, to avoid being landlocked. Maybe this thing can be done bloodlessly...

Okay, I'm joking, but only partly.

Anonymous said...

I'd like one of these "scientists" to explain to me why a certain medicine needs a prescription, but 10 times the dose of that same medicine is safe and effective over the counter.

Who is politicizing science here?

eulogos said...

As Erin points out, these are very dangerous medications.
Basically this judge is saying, we don't care if your kids die, we just want them to be available for sex, and above all, we don't want them to have babies.
Susan Peterson