Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Six Quick Signs of Spring

Just for a minute, I have an urge to be a regular mommy-blogger. Here goes:

1. For dinner: a light dish of cubed chicken, gumbo vegetables, salsa, with a little shredded cheese melted on at the last minute. Served with rice and a quick fruit salad (apples, bananas, crushed pineapple and golden raisins). Oh, and tortillas for the kids to build soft tacos out of it all.

2. I am wearing: (shh, don't tell) shorts. They're knee-length, denim, and I won't wear them outdoors (promise. It would be seriously uncharitable for me to appear in public in these, though I doubt I'd be tempting anyone's virtue). I've been doing some rather warm chores this afternoon, and the shorts let me keep the a/c set at 80 degrees.

3. The air conditioning (speaking of that): is actually running. I know, in March. Pushed all the way up to 80, even. But it kicked on for a little while.

4. In my house: There are buckets of clothes in the living room. Today we began the annual shifting of seasonal attire: we tackled closets, sorted clothes into piles, made plans to give away what doesn't fit, and packed up winter clothes to go out to the garage. Tomorrow we go through drawers, and sort out the summer clothes which we brought in from the garage this afternoon. I sometimes joke that my idea of wealth beyond my wildest dreams would be to be able to fit both season's clothes in the house. That's right--both seasons. In Texas, it's summer or winter. The brief season of "fixin' to be" either one lasts a couple of weeks, and isn't worth buying clothing for. It only took me a few years of living here (and a few "nice lightweight jackets" I never actually wore) to figure that out.

5. Outside: It was in the upper 70s today, and is still hovering near 70 at 7 p.m. Windy. Covered with this stuff, making everybody sneeze (and apparently bringing out my brother's frequent bouts of mirthful poetry).

6. An unmistakable sign of spring in my house: Corn on the cob. Granted, it's the frozen kind, and it's still in the freezer; Hatchick gave up butter for Lent, so I'm not making it until tomorrow's feast day so she can slather it with buttery goodness and enjoy it with the rest of us. I'm not sure why I think of corn on the cob as a spring food--maybe because around here it's so darned hot in the actual summer that nobody wants to cook it!

Okay, your turn. What are six quick signs of spring where you are today?

We now return to our regularly scheduled political commentary and ranting. :)


Anonymous said...

Splitting headache, from all the pollen plus everyone sneezing.

Spying the tips of my glads coming up.

Azaelas in full bloom. PINK

Shorts? We never packed them away!@

AC HAS to be cut on.

House quiet because children, without being told, are outside playing. Oh, and putting bandaids on grocery list because they are playing outside more.

Dawn said...

I'm so glad you followed your urge!!

1. A/C running. Fellow Texan here.
2. Shorts.
3. Beautiful afternoon in a park where everything's turning green.
4. Late evening walk outside with the baby barefoot and barelegged in the stroller.
5. Neighbors all doing spring yardwork and planting gorgeous things.
6. Out of kids' hangers to hang clothes with because closets are full of winter clothes and freshly bought spring clothes.

LarryD said...

Bear in mind it's Michigan:

1. Canadian Geese passing through have been leaving green calling cards on my lawn.

2. Sportswriters are trying to convince themselves that the Detroit Tigers have a competitive club this season.

3. The commencement of juggling the boys' track meets, baseball games and band concerts.

4. Playoff hockey just around the corner, baby! (Go Wings!!)

5. The emergence of the fleet of 'rolling & patching crews' on every highway.

6. The plethora of Burpee catalogs that arrive in the mail multiple times per week.

We still have a few more degrees to go before the shorts come out - down to mid 20's tongiht again.

Irenaeus said...

Heh. My home state is getting hit with a blizzard likely to precipitate major flooding, and I've just prepared some Frisian tea to stay warm this chilly morning...

In other news, do you know of any appropriate prayers for today? I'd like to introduce my classes to the concept of the Annunciation, and devotions/prayers is a good way to do that.

freddy said...

Spring in Ohio:
1. birdsong
2. a couple of days of open windows
3. pulling up the storms and pulling down the screens so we can enjoy #2
4. husband making "things to do this spring" list
5. rain
6. mud (as in TAKE OFF your shoes at the door no no I just WASHED the kitchen floor get back here get a broom do you HEAR me where are you going no not on the rug!)

Amy said...

My friend called. It's in the 80s pushing 90s in Florida. Right now, in Wisconsin, it's 41º (but feels like 36º)...

eulogos said...

It was 11 degrees last night here on the Southern Tier of New York.
Still, was up in the 60's a few days ago and it will probably get up in the 50's today. I have already planted peas, spinach, radisches, lettuce, cabbage,kale, and collards. I also put in potatoes sprouting from last year since my potato bed was unfrozen a foot down. I put them in deep so light frosts wouldn't hurt them, then threw spinach seed on top of the bed, hoping to harvast it when the potato plants are just breaking the surface.

I have had a few crocuses bloom in my flower beds and the daffodils are beginning to come up.
Susan Peterson
ps in Maryland we used to do that summer clothes/winter clothes thing. But around here you need long sleeves in the evening all but maybe a week or two a year.

Jeannette said...

1. There are no PE uniform- sweatshirts in the house: the kids are required to wear them but it gets warm in the afternoon so they take them off. And then we raid the "lost and found" box.

2. Ankles are sprouting! They've all grown out of their long pants.

3. The snow boots have mud on them.

4. It's chimnea season! It's too cold in the winter, and either too hot or too mosquitoey in the summer, to use the outdoor fireplace. So the kids are gathering the sticks in the yard so we can have:

5. S'mores for dessert! Chocolate-free for those who gave up chocolate for Lent.

6. I'm never home late afternoon, because it's soccer season (and therefore soccer practice season). Eight kids, six teams (incl husband's 'over 40' league), three cars w/drivers. I don't know what we'll do when the oldest is deployed in May!

Anonymous said...

The BANG, BANG, BANG of "assault rifles" on the outdoor high powered rifle range. :)