Friday, March 6, 2009

We Interrupt this Blog...

...for a totally unsolicited product endorsement.

I have used a certain pizza place's online ordering system in the past. I've found it frustrating, needlessly repetitive, and difficult to use.

Domino's Pizza now has online ordering in our town (I think other towns have had this for a while). With Thad now home sick too, poor sweet, and neither of us having gotten much sleep last night, I decided to order pizza for dinner (the girls are awfully sick of soup, and it's Friday anyway so soup would have to be vegetarian vegetable--not a problem if I weren't nearly out of veggies at this point).

I went to Domino's website to see if there were any coupons available before calling my local store. That's when I discovered the online ordering. Hesitantly, I gave it a try--if it got too complicated, I could always call the store instead.

Complicated? Wow. They make that other pizza place's online ordering process seem like something authored by former Gitmo employees.

What could be easier than a list of clickable coupons, a "virtual pizza" that shows your toppings as you place them and prompts you to complete the coupon order? What could be easier than a checkout page that lets you place the first order *before* you register as a user on the site? What could be easier than a real-time tracking system that told me when "G." was making our pizza and when "K." left the store to deliver it? What could be more friendly than "A" calling me from the store to confirm that one slightly unusual sauce/veggie combo was, indeed, what I meant to select (my kids and I all like mushrooms--Thad most emphatically does not).

All I can say is, my preconceived notion that it's less of a hassle to call the pizza restaurant directly to place an order just went out the window. Domino's is doing this online ordering thing right!


Hélène said...

I have used their online ordering for both delivery and pick up and either way it has always been flawless. I am glad it was successful for you, especially since you are sick. It is no fun doing mental gymnastics when one's mind isn't functioning at full capacity.

Melanie B said...

I agree I love their online ordering system.

One thing I don't like, though, is that having logged my email address and phone number so that they could contact me in case my order went awry, Dominos now sends me emails and calls to let me know about all their specials. The emails I figured out how to disable; but I can't figure out how to get them to stop calling my cell phone. Just so people know there is a downside to the high-tech coolness.

What makes it really annoying is that we've since moved to a town where Dominos doesn't deliver so I can't take advantage of all these specials they keep sending me.

eutychus said...

I agree with your discription of the "other guys" on line ordering. Truely torturous. Trouble is, the family and I like their pizza better. Papa Johns and Gattis will get my vote, at least for now. On line ordering sytem not withstanding. :-)