Thursday, April 16, 2009

Announcing a Weekly Series

I've mentioned the venerable Catholic newspaper, The Wanderer, a few times in the recent past. After the first mention, I had an interesting e-mail exchange with The Wanderer's news editor, Paul Likoudis.

Two years ago Mr. Likoudis wrote an eleven-article series detailing the history of The Wanderer and giving an account of the paper's one hundred forty years of publication. It's a fascinating look back not only at lay Catholic journalism but at the problems and concerns of our Catholic ancestors; I've often thought that only someone not really acquainted with history can see our present troubles as the worst the Church has ever had to endure, and this account in many places highlights that reality.

Amazingly, Mr. Likoudis has given me permission to re-publish this series in its entirety on this blog! It is not currently available online elsewhere, and plans to print it as a small book have so far not been feasible, from what Mr. Likoudis writes. So for the next eleven weeks, each Thursday (all else permitting) I will publish one of the articles; in a separate post I will add any thoughts or commentary on the subject of Catholic journalism and the like.

While I may have to break some of the articles into two posts, and will remove from the first article the appeal from two years ago for readers to write in and share their stories, it is otherwise my intention to publish the articles without alteration. In this way, when the series is finished, I can create a link list to the articles so that anyone doing research on Catholic journalism will be able to find and read them easily.

I hope my readers will enjoy this fascinating look at the past!

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