Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last Chance to Fight for Conscience Rights for Healthcare Workers

If you haven't already done so, please go to this USCCB web page and follow the instructions to email HHS in regard to conscience protections for pro-life doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. President Obama plans to overturn the conscience protections put in by the Bush administration, which will have the effect of forcing all healthcare workers to participate in or refer for abortions if asked to do so.

The comment period ends tomorrow, April 9. If you're like me and it takes you a few reminders before you remember to go out and click links and compose an email, this reminder is for you!

Please join us in helping Catholic and other pro-life healthcare workers retain the right to refuse to participate in the terrible moral evil of the murder of the unborn.

Anyone who wishes to copy this post in its entirety (so long as you include the above link) in order to post it yourself, email it, or otherwise distribute it before the end of the day tomorrow should feel free to do so.

God bless!


Tertius said...

Thanks for posting this, Erin! I kept meaning to type the link in my diocesan paper into my browser, and I can't believe how long I procrastinated. I forwarded the link to a few other folks, too.

Maclin said...

Not related to this post, Erin...well, actually I suppose it is connected...but I've just posted my first comment in a long time over at Crunchy Cons, giving in to my exasperation at the disingenuous arguments on the other side. I just wanted to say I don't know how you do it--how you keep up the battle over there. I find it profoundly, profoundly dispiriting. The sort of contempt and hatred for Christians that comes out in those discussions is exactly what leads to persecution of a minority once it becomes a thoughtless reflex on the part of the majority. I fear that's where we're heading.

Your 5:30pm was right on, btw. Keep up the good work, if you can. It would wreck me spiritually, I think.

Erin Manning said...

Thanks, Maclin. I rely on prayer--my own, and the generous prayers of others who've assured me they're praying for me. This is a spiritual battle, and I couldn't do it alone.

I know a lot of people read that blog who never comment. In a way, I'm there for them, especially for the ones who know there's something wrong with defining gay relationships as marriage and defining Christianity as bigotry, but can't quite voice that. I think it's really, really important that they know they're not alone as we go forward together to do what we can to fight this outrageous attempt to crush religion in America.

Tertius said...

Erin, I want to join Maclin in thanking you for the way you speak up for Christ's truth on Crunchy Con. Being consistently impressed with your comments led me to search out this blog.