Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More on Social Networking

I'm about to begin a three-day blog break; while I will post a picture or a prayer or something of that sort each day after this one, I won't be writing posts here.

But before I go, I wanted to thank the good people at MercatorNet for letting me write for them again; this time the topic is social networking and children. I love the headline they chose for the piece; here's a bit from the essay itself:

If there’s one thing that’s true about most girls--and most women--it’s that we like to talk. My oldest was expressing herself in short sentences of two or three words by the time her baby sister was born, even though my oldest was only thirteen months old herself at the time; there was just so much to say, and so many new and interesting ways to say it. By the time their youngest sister had joined us and had become verbal herself, my husband would marvel at our daughters’ capacity to maintain “chatter mode” for all of their waking hours, and sometimes, for the two who shared a room, well into the night.

It’s not surprising that many trend forecasters see women easily outpacing men in their use of social networking sites. On some sites, women already outnumber men; and while men tend to be the early adopters of all new technology, it’s the women who seem drawn in overwhelming numbers to those sites that promise new and better ways to chat, converse, interact, gab and gossip.

As more and more moms embrace the promise of easy conversation these sites offer, though, there’s a chance that we’ll forget who’s watching over our shoulder, and what our adoption of these technologies might mean for our kids.

I hope you'll take a second to glance over the piece and, if so inclined, let me know what you think in the comments over there. I realize that a lot of you, like me, will be trying to curtail your internet use over the next few days, so I may re-post the link next week as well.

A blessed Triduum to all!


opey124 said...

Good points. I get to share with my daughter now too, the computer that is! I know what you mean. She loves to email, the more emicons the better.
We are not into the Facebook or twitter stuff. We have friends that do have accounts set up for their children, but they seem to use a lot of time, in my opinion, monitoring it. I have enough to worry about and try to figure out and if something is going to add more worry and time (for me to monitor and watch just so they are safe) the answer will always be a firm NO.
Thanks for the article.

J.A. said...

Thanks for your mercatornet article! I do have a facebook account as well as accounts on other social networking sites. I mostly use it to keep in touch with friends wha are living in other parts of the world, to keep up with their lives. Still, I have to reject people who want to be a "friend" yet are people I don't know personally.