Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh, those wacky folks at Google. They're so excited about a prehistoric lemur fossil that they've made its image their logo for the day.

Granted, as a Catholic I have no particular problem with evolution, provided that we understand that the soul did not evolve and was infused into exactly two people (one male, one female) once the physical body had been prepared. But as a reasonably intelligent person, I've still found some of the gaps in the theory a bit dubious here and there--and as a reasonably religious person, I'm pretty sick of the stupidity of the atheists who somehow think that evolution proves the nonexistence of God.

Which, you have to know, is why the kids at Google are so giddy; I'd be willing to bet that most of them think the existence of little Ida somehow proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that man evolved from the apes (not a problem for Catholics, provided there's actual scientific evidence, not a bunch of wishful thinking and one fossil) and that God isn't real, a definite problem for any religious people.

Of course, it's the height of stupidity to think that evolution, even human evolution, even if 100% proved, would thus mean that God did not exist, no matter how many time the secular materialists try to balance this ludicrously uneven equation. If a small child anxiously explains to his mother that the lamp smashed in pieces on the floor wasn't necessarily pushed or bumped, but quite possibly ended up on the floor via a complex and interlocking series of events that started with a sibling footrace and ended with an intricate arrangement of Hot Wheels (tm) tracks and a slightly too-big car, Mom isn't suddenly going to exclaim, "Why, then, no one is responsible! The lamp just evolved its way onto the floor! I'm sorry I blamed you, Billy."

And it may be that little Ida, coincidentally the star of her own show which is being heavily promoted all over the Internet, will be about as crucial to explaining human evolution as the snack Billy had two hours before the lamp incident is to the scene of the crime. But provided all the secularists and materialists have their fun jamming their fingers into the eyes of religious believers first, no one will care if it is eventually shown that Ida, rather than a startling new discovery, is nothing more than proof that lemurs and monkeys are connected--not such a leap, really.

In the meantime, Google's logo makes me giggle. Those wacky God-haters--what will they think of next?


opey124 said...

I must be dumb or missing something because I do not see how the thumb and fingernail proves anything, evolution wise. Other than evolution within a group. Oh well. You know that dirt stuff looked like something else to begin with. It doesn't surprise me either way.

Baron Korf said...

"Those wacky God-haters--what will they think of next?"

Nothing that hasn't been thought of before under the Sun.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Thanks for enlightening me! My first thought when I saw it was melted chocolate! :)