Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Little Quislings

It was bound to happen:
WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) – Pro-life activist Randall Terry was arrested Friday afternoon for trespassing on the Notre Dame University Campus. Early in the day he was issued a no-trespass order from the school.

Terry and other demonstrators walked on to the campus near the Notre Dame Law School just after noon. He was almost immediately arrested.

Members of the group were pushing baby carriages with plastic dolls covered with fake blood in protest of the upcoming commencement visit by President Barack Obama. They had visited the campus on Thursday, prior to the no-trespass order, in a similar fashion.

Terry posted bond of $250 on Friday afternoon at the St. Joseph County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, May 8. A convert to the Catholic faith, he has been in South Bend, Indiana, protesting the president’s visit since late March.
We can get sidetracked discussing Terry himself, or this style of protest (which I think is ineffective, to say the least), or similar matters. But if we did, we'd be missing the real story.

Barack Obama has from even before his election adopted a strategy of "divide and conquer" when it comes to American Catholics. His goal is to associate with, reward, appoint, and honor Catholics who either openly and fiercely dissent from the Church's teachings on abortion, or who are at least willing to be good little quislings and keep their mouths shut about it in order to curry favor with him. At the same time, he doesn't shy away from marginalizing and excluding Catholics who are faithful to the Church's teachings, so much so that he has thus far refused to name a single pro-life Catholic to any position in his administration, not even to serve as ambassador to the Holy See. It is clear that Barack Obama thinks there are two kinds of Catholics: the ones who actually accept all that superstitious nonsense about the right of the unborn to keep on living instead of being ripped apart in their mother's wombs, and the enlightened ones who recognize that unfortunate viewpoint for the medieval nonsense it is, and who are more willing to follow the One than they are to follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Obama has gone out of his way to show which kind of Catholic he prefers.

This showdown at Notre Dame was designed to highlight that viewpoint. These, Obama would say by his very presence, are the Right Sort of Catholics. They don't mind welcoming a bloodthirsty abortion proponent and honoring him; clearly all that stuff about abortion is something that enlightened American Catholics reject. The Right Sort of Catholic is willing to sell out the unborn for some political gladhanding; the Right Sort of Catholic is eager to usher in the triumph of the welfare state, and will trade the conscience rights of Catholic doctors and nurses for free prescription drugs, socialized medicine, and over-the-counter tramp pills for every girl in America.

And I think Obama is hoping that protesters will show up when he comes to speak. I think he's hoping that they'll have unusually bloody and incoherent signs, be dressed like people who think Larry King's castoffs are high fashion, and be just disruptive enough for him to unleash his trademark patient smile, perhaps turning in profile just a little and hoping that the camera lights will form yet another halo around his head. Then he will be able to say, without a word, that pro-life Catholics, faithful Catholics....Catholic Catholics, are the Wrong Sort of Catholics, the people who don't have the sense to know that Notre Dame is not honoring Obama--but Obama is honoring Notre Dame, by deigning to show up and read his teleprompter for them; henceforth Notre Dame shall be sacred ground, because Barack has trod lightly upon its stage.

All the good little Catholic quislings who have made this grand illusion possible should be proud of themselves. Thanks to their actions, Americans are beginning to get the idea: there is a Right Sort of Catholic, and there is a Wrong Sort. And the Right Sort are the ones who think that the Church's teachings about abortion and other aspects of sexual morality are optional, regrettable, or wrong; but the Wrong Sort are the ones who accept the fullness of the Church's teaching in these and in all areas, and who are not willing to prostitute themselves and their faith for the sake of political profit.


Todd said...

I have to say this post is a headscratcher, Erin. Presidents associate with politicians, and politicians on most issues are in lockstep with whatever the polls are telling them.

I'm more dismayed that political independents are completely shut out of government appointments. It's more likely the president will appoint a Republican pro-life person than an independent pro-choice person.

I suspect you're looking for something that's not really here: some hidden agenda, some surreptitious movement. It doesn't seem any different from 1993 to me, except the president today is more nuanced than 16 years ago.

We've already seen FOCA is a phantom and that the "most pro-death president ever" is wishful thinking.

I don't mind admitting I went for a major party vote for one of the few times in my adult life. I found the choice of voting GOP to be morally and practically heinous. I don't think I'm close to being a quisling, but I know I'm not a Stepford Catholic.

Siobhan said...

I'll have to totally disagree with Todd here. I just finished posting to a Catholic discussion group these very sentiments: that the Catholic Church in America has become a house divided. The term Catholic has become like the term Jew: you have ethnic Jews and religious Jews. I know that Catholicism is global, but the Catholic identity is so strong that it's become an ethnicity, and a huge portion of people who call themselves Catholic simply are not. Obama exploits this to his advantage.
Erin, thanks for expressing so eloquently what's been on my mind.

Anonymous said...

As usual, it's a mixed bag; some points here, some there. However, as a catholic Roman Catholic, I don't feel that I've been divided nor quartered, nor spliced nor severed. The essay carries with it an overriding notion that conservative Catholics are members of the Republican mindset, and hopefully, it's giving the leaders of the Republican party something to think about, in the portrait of overboard rhetoric as espoused in the Irish washerwoman rhetoric. (Can we now rile the Catholic Body any more, with typing their membership as to the country of origin?)

Magister Christianus said...

I must confess I am scratching my head over Todd's head scratching. I think the agendas are there, although they may not be so hidden. Consider only Secretary of State Clinton's recent remarks regarding abortion around the world. The body of Christ on earth needs those who will stand up for what is right, even to the point of martyrdom. At this point, American martyrdom mostly takes the form of ridicule from atheistic intellentsia and a morally corrupt entertainment industry. Yet as even these essentially harmless condescenscions, rants, and screeds continue to clog the airwaves, cyberspace, and what little is left of print media, the effect is a slow turning of hearts and minds of those who should know better. It is far from being a prophet of doom to acknowledge the clear direction that all this is taking. Christians who stand for what is right and against what is wrong will, sooner or later, face more significant martyrdoms.

But then again, didn't Jesus say that we would?

Scott W. said...

As I've said several times regarding FOCA's status as viable legislation--you don't ignore the one threatening to commit suicide because you don't think he can pull it off.

But then again, why bother with FOCA when we are in the process of squeezing concientious objectors to abortion out of health industries?