Friday, May 15, 2009

A Happy Prayer Request

No time to blog today--we're leaving in a little while to attend the Confirmation of a dear friend of my girls. This lovely young lady, a homeschooler, has had to go through a lot of "mandatory" and "required" busywork for two years now to get to this day, even though her spiritual maturity is such that she could honestly have been confirmed anytime in the last decade, give or take; but having done all her service hours and attended the mandatory retreats as well as two years of classes, her big day is finally here.

Please keep her, and the other teenagers being confirmed tonight, in your prayers! It remains my hope that some sort of sanity will prevail over all of the "hoop-jumping" and "gate-keeping" which presently directs all of the sacramental preparation in most Catholic parishes and dioceses in America; I know that many of you hope and pray for the same thing.


freddy said...

God bless your friend! She and the other Confirmandi we know will be in our prayers, especially in my novena before Pentecost!

We have been so blessed this year: our Bishop has granted permission for our F.S.S.P. priest to both prepare and confirm our young people ready for this Sacrament, so on Sunday 13 will be confirmed!

Jeannette said...

I noticed that the prerequisites for confirmation have increased with each new DRE. Ever since "DRE" became a full-time position, it's been a "self-licking ice cream cone" situation here (what my military husband called work that is required primarily to justify certain job positions or departments).