Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing...Something. Or Someone.

This poster is brought to you by Jean, whose comment below led to its creation:

Maybe monkeys and lemurs are related. Maybe they both evolved. Maybe man's physical body even evolved.

But cocoa beans, and the sweet rich happiness they give to so many? Maybe the beans evolved, but the soul that first thought to add sugar, and the one who added creamy milk, and those who thought to cook it to a certain point and then let it cool and harden?

Atheists and agnostics and materialists can go right on believing that chocolate is a coincidence--and that sunsets are only beautiful because we're conditioned to think so, and that richly beautiful music makes us cry because it affects our central nervous system, etc. I think they're missing something--maybe not a link, per se, but something real, and important, and beyond science. Something Who is really a Someone.

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LarryD said...

Adding nuts was divinely inspired, you know.