Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Some of you who read this blog also read Rod Dreher's Crunchy Con blog (referenced in the post below this one) on a regular basis. If you read it today, you may have noticed that Rod mentioned that I'll be taking over for him while he's in England for a couple of weeks; my substitute hosting is supposed to begin this Saturday (though depending on Rod's schedule I may put up an intro post before then).

Most of you who read what I write here are fellow Catholics or serious Christians who believe, like I do, in traditional religion and traditional morality, and who view with alarm many of the indications of our culture's present rate of decline. Getting to write posts at Crunchy Con is always an opportunity for me to engage in discussion with those who don't necessarily share all of our beliefs, but who do still find that some aspects of modern American culture seem toxic or unhelpful in the tasks of living, raising children, and finding more meaning in life than what can be purchased with one's latest paycheck.

I think our call as Christians, to live in the world but not be of the world, is a call that even those on the edges of religious belief still hear. Even people still just beginning a journey to the truth are often repelled by the noise and crudity and selfishness and commercialism our culture puts forth as its best offering; those of us who, by the grace of God, are a little (but only a little, really) further down the road to knowing, loving, and serving Him should welcome their search for the Truth--because if they're really looking for Him, we know they'll find Him.

With that in mind, then, I'd like to give all of you the opportunity to suggest any topics that you'd really like to see covered during my two weeks or so of substitute hosting at Crunchy Cons. I have a few lined up already, and of course the blog is rather news-driven so I'm sure more will come up as time progresses, but if there are any issues you'd really like to see addressed from a Catholic and conservative standpoint, please let me know in the comment box or via email.

Next week and through the time that I'm subbing at Crunchy Con, posts here will be a little scarce; I probably won't manage to write one every day. I'll put up a link to Crunchy Con on Saturday, and I hope to see you all over there!


Irenaeus said...

I don't know what you have planned or what you think best, but I think you should take the Red Cardigan persona over there -- that is, be a little more aggressive than you usually are when filling in for Rod.

Anonymous said...

I know you've covered this topic before, but I am becoming increasingly alarmed by the green movement in this country. It seems to me that everything I do is under attack. For example, I drive a Suburban because my state imposed Car Seat laws (for safety reasons, of course) until the child is 7 or atleast 70lbs. I have four children, so there would be no way I could fit them into a little Mini Cooper when I had four under aged 7. I have my children walk to school unescorted by myself. We live 2 blocks from school in a very safe, expensive, bedroom community. I still get the hairy eyeball from people that I am exposing my children to risk of child abduction. I refuse to use reusable grocery bags because I recycle the plastic bags all over my house and use them to pick up my dog waste. Now my town may impose a ban on plastic bags. So I could purchase the reusable bags and then purchase Glad small garbage bags? Where does this nonsense end? I can't live without my central air during the months of April to June because I live in area that has huge Oak, Maple and Hickory trees and I am horribly allergic to tree pollen.
I feel like our quality of life is under attack. Not to mention that we have a "large" family of six! Help!

freddy said...

Just wanted to wish you the best -- you're in our prayers! It will be a pleasure to read whatever you write, as always!

Erin Manning said...

Hmmm, Irenaeus; interesting thought. Don't know if the CC crowd is ready for that...

Jen, thanks for a terrific suggestion! I'll definitely do a post on that topic.

Thanks, freddy! :)

Larry Denninger said...

Get satirical - it drives the Left batty!

With that being said, I second Irenaeus.

Oh, how about the Value Added Tax? There's a good post about it at Red State on it from Wednesday.

Good luck!

p.s. The Captcha today was "amess"..."a mess" - apropros when you consider how things are going.