Friday, May 22, 2009

A Politicial Endorsement

A while back, Larry D at Acts of the Apostasy did me the kindness of nominating me in the category of "Best Underappreciated Blog" in the 2009 Cannonball awards. I thought that was very kind, but let's face it: as I wrote below, I'm not really the "contest" type. I haven't really mentioned the nomination or asked people to vote for me--some have done so anyway, which is really, really kind of them, but I'm not at all in the running, so to speak.

And so, in the grand tradition of "also-rans" giving political endorsements to the front runners, I'd like to repay Larry's kindness just a little by asking my readers to get over to the Best Underappreciated Blog category and vote for Larry D, whose blog is listed there as "Acts of Apostasy" (not sure what happened to the "the"). Voting ends tomorrow, May 23--so hurry!

Even if you've already voted, this particular blog award lets you vote once a day in each category. Right now, Larry is running in third place, behind quasi-professional powerhouse Minnesota Mom (who is getting the "about to have a baby sympathy vote" in addition to being not at all underappreciated in the blogosphere, which kind of seems a bit like having a professional singer on stage at American Idol, or something) and the blog Sancte Sanctis, which is really lovely and fun to read and all, but I can't help but thinking she's not currently as truly underappreciated as our friend Larry, who is, frankly, hifreakinlarious--another category at the Cannonball Awards in which he's nominated, so feel free to vote there too.

As I write this Larry is in third place, but his 80 votes trail behind the 157 and 200 totals posted by the other two blogs (and hey, the fact that they can get so many votes doesn't exactly make them underappreciated, now, does it?). Larry's pretty sure he'll end up with third place in that contest, but let's make sure it's a good third place tally, or maybe even move him up to be neck-and-neck with second place, shall we?

C'mon, you know you like pulling for the underdog. Right now Larry is like the doomed quixotic third-party candidate we talked about so much in the last election--your votes for one of the front-runners won't send any kind of a message to the Powers that Be, but a vote for Larry is a vote that says, "When we say 'underappreciated,' dang it, we mean it!"

Vote for Larry! Vote for Acts of (the) Apostasy! Red Cardigan approves this message. :)


Dawn said...

I voted for you, after being directed from MM. BUT, you are both listed in different sections, so there.

I saw a comment over there that was funny. The nominee said, "if I lose in the under appreciated category does that mean I really won?" Funny.

Rebecca said...

I voted for Larry because you said to. I guess I'll try reading his blog. Did I spend too long in public schools?

LarryD said...

Thanks Erin! You are a very kind person. You realize that all this attention forces me to maintain a certain quality level...or at least start reaching for one! ha ha

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!