Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sex-Selection Abortion and "Choice"

I'd like to draw your attention to this series of posts at the blog Bedlam or Parnassus, on the topic of the recent decision in Sweden to permit abortions for reasons of sex selection:

Killed the Girls and Made Us Cry

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Killed the Girls, Part III

For those who haven't heard about this, here's an article on the subject:
Sweden, which legalized abortion in 1938, has taken its abortion extremism one step further by legalizing “gender based” abortion which allows a mother to decide to abort her baby solely due to his or her sex.

The Local reported that a pregnant woman in South Sweden, who already has two girls, arrived at Mälaren Hospital and inquired whether or not she would be giving birth to another girl. She went on to tell her doctors that her previous two pregnancies ended in abortion because she did not want to have another girl - and if this child was another girl, she would have it aborted as well.

Doctors expressed concern over this and brought it to the attention of Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare. They asked how to handle requests where doctors felt “pressured to examine the [fetus’s] gender” without a medical rationale.

The Board came back and said that requests to for abortions based on a child’s gender cannot be refused.

I'm with Magister Christianus, the author of the Bedlam or Parnassus blog, about this. It's truly heartbreaking--and it shows the ugliness of the abortion mentality for what it really is.

Abortion, say the feminists, is about "choice." There can never be any discussion about whether "choice" is good or bad--"choice" must be considered good, no matter what.

But "choice" is really a verb in its root form--it is the act of choosing something. As such, the choices we make can always be to do something that is good, to do something that is evil, or to do something that is morally neutral.

Feminists have insisted for decades that the choice to kill one's child in the womb must be seen as a morally good decision--or, at the very least, a morally neutral one. It can never be considered an evil, because we may not legitimately choose evil, something that even feminists seem to understand for the most part.

But having drawn those lines, the feminists find themselves boxed in when debates arise about sex-selection abortions. Even though these abortions nearly always involve hatred for and death for little girls, feminists can't say that these abortions are wrong, or call them evil. No, the feminist must continue to exist that the mother's choice to kill her child, regardless of the reason, is a good thing--feminists can't question the legitimacy of the mother's choice to kill only her daughters without ending up opening the door for other people to question the legitimacy for most other abortions, the overwhelming number of which are done for reasons of "convenience," or, as I like to call it, murderous selfishness.

So feminists around the world must sit back in stony silence when in nations like China and, now, Sweden, it becomes increasingly culturally acceptable to kill off the smallest women. When you make a false god out of something like "choice," you often end up making an increasing number of blood sacrifices to appease the monster you have willingly called into being.


LarryD said...

Sweden is the new Azteca.

Shacoria Robinson said...

i cant believe they're doing this in sweden. it's disgusting. my teacher was talking about sweden the other day and about how their welfare systems were so good and how everyone was taken care of in sweden and i thought i might like to live there but now,no way