Saturday, June 27, 2009

An award, passed along

Larry D has given this blog this award:

Now, I don't generally do these things, especially when they come with strings attached; it's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but that I don't usually have the time right away, and think I'll do it later, and then forget for months, and then it's all awkward, like a thank-you note you forgot to mail and found a year after the gift was received, or something. So if I ever haven't responded to an award--I'm not a snobby snubber; I'm just forgetful.

So here are the conditions and my replies:

1) Say "Thanks!" to the presenter of the award and provide a link to their blog.

Thanks, Larry! I enjoy your blog tremendously and am glad you read mine.

2) Share 10 honest things about myself.

This is an interesting challenge. Unlike other awards or memes that want you to list "unknown" things or "unusual" things or even "hard-to-believe" things about yourself, this one just asks for "honest" things. So, in that spirit:
  1. I am seriously afraid of wasps. Seriously afraid. Go-in-the-house-till-they-go-away afraid.
  2. I am a night owl. If I had my way people would get up at 11 a.m. and go to bed at 3 a.m. Morning sunlight is way too bright.
  3. Number 2, combined with the fact that I used to call my migraines "vampire headaches" since they would often come on before dawn and slowly dissipate after sunset, makes my husband and children tease me that I am probably part vampire. However, the only way I could be a vampire would be if there were a race of creatures that had carbonated beverages in their circulatory system instead of blood.
  4. I read Crime and Punishment for the first time in college. I read it in six hours one gloomy, rainy Saturday, seated in the dreary college library, when I probably had other things to do. I highly recommend this as a way of reading Crime and Punishment. College library optional--any dimly-lit bookish place will do.
  5. I sold out to liberals once, and wrote a poem and created a bookmark decrying nuclear weapons. It was in the eighth grade, and was an optional assignment/contest being held by a third party, who planned to produce a book of the various "winning" creations. My bookmark got an honorable mention. My poem won a second place award, which meant it went in the book. It also meant I got $15--the second place prize. In the eighth grade I'd have written a hymn praising both Marty Haugen and felt banners for fifteen whole dollars to spend. I don't remember where I spent it, but it probably got squandered on books.
  6. I actually have two red cardigans. The one my pseudonym came from is one I've had a long time and love--but it was showing signs of all that love, so I bought a new one on clearance at the end of winter this year. Can't bring myself to get rid of the first one.
  7. If you met me in person, you'd say I talk too much. No, that's not a surprise--but it's honest!
  8. The highest note I can ever hit while practicing my singing is the F sharp above high C. The highest note I would ever actually inflict on poor defenseless listeners is probably the C itself.
  9. I dislike sitting down at a table to eat, especially if due to my odd schedule I'm the only one actually eating at the time. I am notorious for eating elsewhere.
  10. I am a magpie when it comes to jewellry. I love bright glittery things, especially rings, and always wear a ring on my right hand (in addition to my wedding rings on the left hand) when I go anywhere. Because I wear mostly silver jewellry this is not the crushing budget-buster you might expect; a vintage ring I picked up recently at an antique store cost me all of four dollars.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.

Here we go:

Charlotte/Matilda, Deirdre Mundy, Dawn, Magister Christianus, Lindsay (who is a brand new blogger and already has a lovely blog!), MommaLlama, and Mrs. O at "A Fine Mess."

4) Inform those 7 that they've been awarded the 'Honest Scrap' Award.

Shall do directly!


Dawn said...

Ah, shucks, *blush*, I didn't even know you read my blog! thank you!

more later...

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am taking a break from my "break" to respond. When I am fully back I will play. :)
I am honored.

Magister Christianus said...

Wow! Having just started my blog a few months ago and still feeling rather new to the whole blogging world, I am deeply honored. I am even more honored that it came from you, Erin. Your blog is eloquent, witty, serious...all that I enjoy. Thank you very much!

Lindsay said...

Erin, I am tickled pink! You made my day. Thanks so much!

Dawn said...

Thank you!