Friday, June 12, 2009

Cupcake Critters

So at Hatchick's birthday party, a meeting of the Pigs' Historical Preservation Society--Straw House Committee gathered, with the stated purpose of getting the local homeowners to approve their request to resume building homes made of straw.

Unaccountably, the pigs never made it out of the meeting. The fact that they weren't actual pigs, but frosting-covered cupcakes, is believed by investigators to be highly suggestive as to their fate. Forensic evidence detected the presence of crumbs and beverages including pink lemonade and coffee.

The homeowners denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of the confectionery pigs, and attorney B.B. Wolfe said the crumbs, beverages, and discarded cupcake wrappers were mere circumstantial evidence, not incontrovertible proof that any criminal activity had taken place.


Dawn said...

Too cute! Thank you!

Peony Moss said...

Oh, for cute! How did you make the little ears and snouts??

Deirdre Mundy said...

Your girls are COOL! =) And apparently have great senses of humor! =)

Red Cardigan said...

Peony, the ears and snouts were all made with pink marshmallows! For the ears, the marshmallows were cut on the diagonal and stuck to the cupcakes with extra frosting.

My talented sister-in-law who blogs at Waltzing Matilda did all that. I'm hopeless with anything crafty; we'd have had mutant piglike creepy cupcakes if I'd been in charge. ;)


Kay said...

I wandered over from the Catholic Blog Directory and it looks like I'm just in time for some wonderful bovine cupcakes, very cute. I like your blog and "happy birthday" to the special celebrant.