Friday, June 19, 2009

Homeschool survey--just for fun

Just for fun, here's a brief, totally low-tech non-interactive homeschooling survey I made up. Enjoy!

1. It is June 19. Your curriculum plans for next year feature:
a) lots of good ideas, but no actual purchases yet.
b) a sturdy "spine" of core materials, but you're still looking to fill in the edges.
c) a thorough, well-planned course of study which has all been purchased or ordered.
d) a thorough, well-planned course of study which you purchased in December, unpacked and organized in March, and which includes your own copious notes on the materials since you've already read through them twice.

2. The math course you bought last year didn't work out well for your family. You are:
a) going to muddle through it again. Everyone else you know loves it, so the problem must be you.
b) considering different textbook options; there must be something that will work for your family.
c) planning to use a new book you bought and also discussing hiring a math tutor.
d) reviewing the new textbook you purchased; you also hired a math major from the local college to conduct interviews with the tutors you selected as possibilities.

3. Several homeschooling friends have mentioned books or materials they liked. You:
a) listened to them, thought the books sounded interesting, but have forgotten the titles.
b) jotted down book titles and researched them on the Internet.
c) called each friend individually to discuss their experiences with the books.
d) invited the friends over to your home to give a presentation on each book or material to your local homeschool group; you not only provided homemade appetizers and your award-winning punch, but also pre-printed index cards with the books' names, publishers, and website addresses for each guest.

4. An interesting homeschool conference and book fair is being held less than fifty miles from your home. You:
a) think about going, forget when it's going to be, and remember it when you hear the other homeschoolers in your homeschool group raving about how terrific it was.
b) make plans to go, but curtail your plans when you realize that toddlers aren't permitted to attend the talks. If you go at all, you just skim the book sale area.
c) make plans, hire a sitter, and go for one full day of talks and shopping.
d) have your parents babysit the children for the entire weekend, rent a hotel room a mile from the venue, and enjoy a romantic weekend/efficient homeschool shopping and learning experience with your husband, who is as excited as you are about attending the talks and getting bargains on excellent curricula.

5. Someone gives your name and phone number to a woman in your area who is considering homeschooling her own children; she calls you to talk. She asks you to tell her honestly what your biggest homeschooling frustration is, and how you solve it. You answer:
a) the chaos and lack of organization; but you admit that you struggled with that before you ever started teaching at home.
b) the occasional feeling that you've ended up in a "rut" somehow; you solve it with a change of pace or a creative activity or unit study.
c) math. Definitely. And you're considering a tutor...
d) you're so torn about whether to let your oldest daughter add Mandarin Chinese to her coursework; you're afraid she'll fall behind in German, French, Japanese or Swahili if she takes it on. But she's so stubborn--you keep telling her there will be plenty of time for Chinese when she's in junior high...


Mostly A: You are a "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" homeschooler. Sure, it all works out, but nobody, including you, quite knows how.

Mostly B: You are a "flying coach" homeschooler. You're doing a good job, but sometimes you wish you were doing a great job...

Mostly C: You are a "flying first class" homeschooler. You have this whole thing figured out--and you're ready to help those who are still A or B!

Mostly D: You own Homeschool Airlines.



Rebecca said...

hmmm...where do unschoolers fit in?

Deirdre Mundy said...

We're definitely mostly Bs...except for the organization (ADD mommy = constant fight against chaos) and the Math (husband and I both very good at Math, why on earth would we PAY for a tutor when we can teach it ourselves? ;) )

But it's early yet (daughter only 5 1/2, she's sorta a K and sorta a 1, depending on subject)...I'm sure chaos will descend as the younger ones start school......

freddy said...

My answers:
#1: Next week I'm definately going to grade 4th quarter.
#2: Buy different workbooks from Shop-Mart, or just do the same grade over.
#3: ...have probably already used them. I've been doing this a long time!
#4: hide.
#5: Invite her over and give her the following advice: -Don't have expectations: Whatever you expect homeschooling to be like, it wont.
-Do expect to do battle. With your children, your relatives, your "normal" friends, everybody, for the first year. If you survive that, everyone will pretty much leave you alone.
-Do have the support of your husband. He is your link to sanity and your cure for self doubt. (Hopefully you did the right thing and married a man who thinks you're cooler than WonderWoman, Supergirl, his mom and St. Anne -- put together!)
-Stay away from those "mostly D" people. They are either aliens in disguise with an agenda that probably features tentacles and world dominatin or government agents bent on destroying home schooling from within. I am not kidding.

freddy said...

Further advice: If you try to type with a baby on your lap, or less than 6 hours of sleep, you will make enough spelling/grammar mistakes to make readers suspect you either shouldn't be teaching kindergarten, let alone five grades of home schoolers, or you are a witty home schooled third grader!

Deirdre Mundy said...

I always assume the type-D people are lying.

Just like the new moms who swear their breastfed 4 week old sleeps through the night, never cries, poops on schedule and is already fluent in 6 languages, quantum physics, and calculus.

Dawn said...

2 b's, and 3 a's

Average: 3.6

Are any of the answers weighted?

Thanks, that was fun!

Marianne said...

Mostly A with a couple of redeeming Bs. Freddy you are hilarious!

Annemarie said...

We are definitely the fly by the seat of your pants type here. No matter how much I try, it always ends up that way.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

freddy ~ my soul mate! I strive to be the mostly A answers. I have been working on it for 11 years now, and am almost there.

Anonymous said...


I think money prevents me from C's and D's. :)

Erin, you didn't tell us what YOU are!

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, I'm a "nearly A." Which means that instead of even thinking about grading 4th quarter like Freddy, I'm busy making up funny quizzes.


Ellyn said...

I used to be a "B," but this year, rather than "flying coach" I think we came close to misplacing unaccompanied minors...or at least a lot of lost baggage. But a rotten year at home is still better than some of our years in 'regular' school. :)

freddy said...

Announcing the first annual "Mostly A" homeschool conference!

(ok, you with some b's can come too.)

BYOB, your hubby, kids, lawn chairs and favorite chips.

I'll provide the meat & buns, watermelon & chocolate chip cookies.

We'll discuss vital homeschooling topics such as: "What's For Lunch?" or, "How To Make PB&J New and Different Every Day!"
"If You Can Toilet Train, You Can Teach Algebra"
"Looking Good In Front Of Other Homeschooling Families," or: "Making a Clean Shirt and Good Manners Go A Long Way"
"Repressing the Irrepressible Child," or: "Frowning Down the Loud Mouthed Child in Your Family"
"Incorporating Culture in All Subjects" or "Van Gogh, Went, Gone"
and "Why Laundry is Not Extra-Curricular."

Husbands will discuss exciting topics such as, "Power Tool Do's and Dont's" or "If You Want to Own Power Tools, Help Mama With School!"
and "Build Up Your Wife, Not Your Wallet."

There'll be plenty for the kids to do, too! They might catch frogs in the creek, or ticks in the tall grass. They can learn (again) how to tell what Poison Ivy looks like! They can even practice their negotiation skills on Mom and Dad when begging for more ice cream.

The conference will end with a Chaplet of Mercy because that's shorter than the Rosary and besides, I really need all the Divine Mercy I can get!

Rebecca said...

Love it Freddy!

I think I'm maybe an almost A. A's are good, right? Isn't that what you're supposed to get in school, is A's?


Keith Wilcox said...

I was looking for a tea site and ran into your blog. It was funny because I happen to home school my kids so I got hooked on your survey. I ended up with mostly A's. It was very interesting. Thank you.

Kathy said...

Can I come to the conference, too, if I explain why I didn't have straight a's? The only reason I made it to the homeschooler conference in DC (and bought all of next year's books) was that the speakers were really, really good... especially the ones that weren't specifically about homeschooling. So, I'm going to whine about the grading and claim that my c on #4 and the b-and-a-half on #1 don't really count... ;)