Thursday, June 25, 2009

Into the future

Today marks the final installment of Paul Likoudis's A History of the Wanderer which it has been my privilege to post here for the last eleven weeks. Many thanks again to Mr. Likoudis for this opportunity to share with those who read here the fascinating history of the early days of The Wanderer.

As I read today's article, I was struck again by the similarities between the past and the present. In 1931, Catholics were reading, writing, and thinking about two great problems: the economic collapse of the Great Depression and its implied indictment of out-of-control capitalism that became profiteering; and the rise of an unstable, charismatic demagogue to lead the nation of Germany--who would ultimately lead her into war.

The economic parallel is relatively easy to see. The other--not as easy. Will we one day wonder how we missed the danger signs in regard to Mahoumad Ahmadinejad? Will we shake our heads at our failure to take the North Korean threat more seriously? Among the wars and rumors of war, is there a conflict toward which we are heading with what will one day seem like the only possible outcome of what, today, is still barely a threat?

One thing seems very likely: The Wanderer will be reporting about it, and in some cases showing the same prescience it showed in identifying Hitler as a threat.


Lindsay said...

I don't want to sound all conspiratorial like the tin foil hat crowd, but just a passing, thought: is it possible that this time *we're* the threat? Just sayin'

LarryD said...

Erin - in recognition of your blog, I've got an award waiting for you at AoftheA. Enjoy!