Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Liturgy Post at Crunchy Con

A post at Crunchy Con about the liturgy, for those who might be interested.

Thanks to all who are reading over there!


Hélène said...

I don't know if you noticed, but Father Z "fisked" your article. He seems to think that your are a "young fellow". :)

Rebecca said...

Looking at Rod's post below and your comment...I just wanted to say that I often attend the Extraordinary Form, and have attended Orthodox liturgies too. I notice that in the Orthodox liturgy, there are no pews and the children can wander around without it bothering people. With the Extraordinary Form, it is long and I DO NOT expect my young children to sit quietly through it; I do not even ask it of them. I take them out into the vestibule to wander around during a good portion of it; by the time they're 6 or 7 they can stay through it and participate to a great extent. They're learning some Latin and some Chant, and with a High Mass there is a lot to engage the senses and the mind. In the same parish we also have a Latin NO offered by a Polish priest who also is accustomed to the Eastern rite and has faculties in it. Even his NO Sunday Masses are a good hour and a half plus, and again I'm usually taking out the toddler or four-year-old for a good chunk of time, along with lots of other parents. Tons of families attend that Mass and I know it doesn't bother Father that we aren't there half the time. He's just not in a rush and is savoring every part of it. The Liturgy is varied and engaging (he often will even take time to address the children in particular, and maybe have them come up and look at the creche while he explains something about it to them). It is truly beautiful. I just wanted to describe it so you could understand that it is possible to have long Sunday Masses in a family-friendly way.

Red Cardigan said...

Good Lord, a Father Z. fisk. I'm in trouble now...

Anonymous said...

You got fisked by Fr Z and still have your head! :0)
I like reading your thought and also Fr Z's although he can be too gruff and blunt at times. I don't think he was in your case. What an honor.

I fight pride too along with addressing (or trying too) those things that are real abuses in the NO liturgy. It is hard. I love our liturgy.
It is also interesting to know the organic nature of the liturgy and how they have made adaptations in different times. I think, I am sure he will correct if he sees fit, that there needs to be a reform of the EF also. Some of the things particular to that worship need to be updated, etc. and one main thing I like about the NO is the 3 year cycle of readings.
Thanks for the post and congratulations on being fisked by Fr. Z. I would consider it an honor.