Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parenting Post at Crunchy Cons

Hi, all! Popping in here to encourage those who find the political/culture war stuff tedious at Crunchy Cons to come and participate in the comboxes at my most recent post; it's about whether we've reached the end of attachment parenting/involved parenting, whether this new "slow parenting" movement is a reaction to the hyper-involved "helicopter" sort, and whether it's us moms and our deep-seated need to be right esp. about our kids that makes us so darned susceptible to parenting trends in the first place.

Come on over--see you there!


Rebecca said...

Hi Erin. I don't usually read Crunchy Cons but I went over there because I missed reading your blog. Frankly, I'm afraid to post over there. First, because the commenters over there get really vicious and don't seem to be able or willing to address one another intelligently. Second, because reading the comments and sometimes the original posts by Rod makes me feel as though I need to take a shower or something.

But I would like to comment on your parenting post. In my mind, attachment parenting and "slow" parenting go hand in hand. Attachment parenting is nothing other than natural parenting, the sort of parenting that goes on, and has been going on for millenia, in places where people take life slow. It's all about hanging around with your babies and kids and not trying to rush them out of the bed, off the breast, into's anti-rush, it's contrary to the hyper, controlling, ambitious, totally scheduled mentality which is so prevalent. Attachment parenting is not anything close to mainstream in this society, and has not been since the advent of birth control and bottlefeeding, and perhaps before that, except maybe in Italian or Mexican immigrant families. The few families I know who practice attachment parenting also homeschool their kids, stay at home most of the time, digging around in the garden, lingering over waffles for breakfast on a weekday, playing board games on a Friday night, with the week's outing being Church on Sunday and perhaps a trip to the library or park during the week. Many of them don't even own a television and their children have learned how to entertain themselves, for the most part. Most of us do actually enjoy our children's company, and are "involved" with our children, but we are also comfortable with letting them be bored or run around chasing lizards.

Rebecca said...

I was just now looking at your post on beer and porn, and the comments following. Why, again, are you posting over there? It seems that any truth spoken in that forum is only an entertaining opportunity, in the view of those commenting, for derision and spite.

Red Cardigan said...

I post over there because there are a lot of people who just lurk and read, and never leave a comment. Others never read any of the comments--only the posts. So if I can tell the truth in a way that's clear and engaging, maybe I can open one more person to the possibility that religious believers have something to say that's worth listening to.

That's what I pray for, anyway. It wouldn't do for "our side" to remain silent, I think.

Rebecca said...

I hear you. And I agree that Catholics shouldn't remain silent...just not convinced that there's anything fruitful going on in that particular forum. But if you are, then post away, and God be with you.