Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random acts of decoration

So, as I was blogging away over at Crunchy Con earlier, my girls were decidedly bored. "Why don't you make some party decorations?" I suggested; Hatchick's birthday is coming up at the end of the week, something she's been announcing daily since last week.

As a non-crafty person, "make party decorations" is only slightly more fun than "go fold laundry" from my perspective. But my daughters didn't inherit the "non-crafty" gene, and they settled in to a lengthy session of paper-chain making with complete enjoyment (and some fun craft scissors that make paper-cutting a form of art).

A while later, they showed me the results of their handiwork, and asked where the chains might go. I had a few suggestions, but then said we could work out the rest on Hatchick's birthday. "We'll just commit random acts of decoration," I said jokingly.

Hatchick looked up with a wrinkle-nosed frown. "But isn't that a felony?" she asked.

I love these girls. :) :) :)

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