Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The stain

Tapes which recorded President Nixon's comments on abortion are causing a stir:
WASHINGTON — On Jan. 23, 1973, when the Supreme Court struck down state criminal abortion laws in Roe v. Wade, President Richard M. Nixon made no public statement. But privately, newly released tapes reveal, he expressed ambivalence.

Nixon worried that greater access to abortions would foster “permissiveness,” and said that “it breaks the family.” But he also saw a need for abortion in some cases, such as interracial pregnancies.

“There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white,” he told an aide, before adding: “Or a rape.”
I'm sure that this comment of Nixon's will be greatly discussed, as it should be. But what won't be discussed is that this racism or eugenicism, this notion that a child of mixed race ought to be aborted just for existing, has been part of abortion's legacy from the very beginning.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was known for her racist and eugenicist views. A few quotes from her writings can illustrate this reality:

1. "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

2. Equality of political power has thus been bestowed upon the lowest elements of our population. We must not be surprised, therefore, at the spectacle of political scandal and graft, of the notorious and universally ridiculed low level of intelligence and flagrant stupidity exhibited by our legislative bodies. The Congressional Record mirrors our political imbecility.

All of these dangers and menaces are acutely realized by the Eugenists; it is to them that we are most indebted for the proof that reckless spawning carries with it the seeds of destruction. But whereas the Galtonians reveal themselves as unflinching in their investigation and in their exhibition of fact and diagnoses of symptoms, they do not on the other hand show much power in suggesting practical and feasible remedies.

On its scientific side, Eugenics suggests the reestabilishment of the balance between the fertility of the "fit" and the "unfit." The birth-rate among the normal and healthier and finer stocks of humanity, is to be increased by awakening among the "fit" the realization of the dangers of a lessened birth-rate in proportion to the reckless breeding among the "unfit." By education, by persuasion, by appeals to racial ethics and religious motives, the ardent Eugenist hopes to increase the fertility of the "fit." Professor Pearson thinks that it is especially necessary to awaken the hardiest stocks to this duty. These stocks, he says, are to be found chiefly among the skilled artisan class, the intelligent working class. Here is a fine combination of health and hardy vigor, of sound body and sound mind. (The Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger).

3. Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives. So, in compliance with nature’s working plan, we must permit womanhood its full development before we can expect of it efficient motherhood. If we are to make racial progress, this development of womanhood must precede motherhood in every individual woman. Then and then only can the mother cease to be an incubator and be a mother indeed. Then only can she transmit to her sons and daughters the qualities which make strong individuals and, collectively, a strong race. (Woman and the New Race, by Margaret Sanger)
From Margaret Sanger's push for birth control came the demand for unlimited abortion, as sex outside of marriage and the false "security" birth control creates led to more and more out-of-wedlock pregnancies. And abortion still disproportionately affects minorities; the Black Genocide website (Warning: graphic abortion photos at site and on main page) is an excellent resource for learning about how African-American communities are still targeted by the modern-day eugenicists who seem to believe, as Sanger apparently did, that the best way to "control" the African-American people is to adopt a strategy of elimination.

So when President Nixon said that abortion would be necessary in the case of a mixed-race baby, he wasn't really saying anything that the founder of Planned Parenthood would have disagreed with. Of course, Sanger tried to sell the notion that birth control would eliminate the demand for abortion, an idea that still gets kicked around today despite the reality that the demand for abortion rose exponentially when birth control was made widely available.

The stain of racism and eugenics has always been present behind the scenes of those organizations which promote birth control and sell abortions. This shouldn't surprise anyone who realizes that abortion, the ultimate shattering of the image of God in an innocent unborn child, is motivated by the Enemy's hatred toward all humanity.


Dawn said...

Oh gosh, my children are of mixed race... We live in San Antonio and it's not uncommon here to see mixed couples, so I forget about the hatred that does exist in the world against couples like my husband and I.

I picture how my 16 month old son looks around the table for us all to acknowledge how he beats his chest (sign of the cross) and clasps his hands when we pray before we eat. People think he shouldn't exist b/c he's mixed? and with so much love and potential he has to offer....

Tangent, sorry...

Red Cardigan said...

Not a tangent at all, Dawn! Thanks for commenting.

It's easy to forget how strong racism still can be in this country. I can't help but wonder how many people there are today who would find Nixon's words understandable, instead of vile and evil as his words most definitely are.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Dawn-- It's weird--I grew up in a very liberal suburb of DC. Now I live in a small, rustbelt town--the sort of place people from my OLD neighborhood consider a red-necked backwater.

But you know what??? There are alot more interracial couples here than there were in DC-- The DC area was actually pretty heavily segregated!

Here, interacial couples seem to be pretty much....I guess ignored isn't the right word, but...unnoticed? As in noone cares either way? I sometimes wonder if the reason Eastern Democrats assume Southerners and Midwesterners are racist is because THEY'RE racist, and assume everyone is--and that us cretins from flyover country just aren't cultured enough to admit it......

After all, if you look at CURRENT pro-abortion arguments, they're usually about the poor. Well, in DC, most of the poor are..... minorities..... Hmmmm......

Magister Christianus said...

Erin, thanks for let us know about this. I learned of this Nixon revelation on your site, but will keenly follow it elsewhere to see if the Sanger info ever gets mentioned. If not, I will be sure to bring it up.

Anonymous said...

I forget how cold-blooded Sanger and her lot actually were, and realize that it follows quite easily along the lines of how and why Hitler could conceivably be accepted in his society.

freddy said...

When I first read the Nixon quote I admit I was taken aback. I really didn't believe I was reading it correctly! How anyone can think this way just boggles the mind. Lord, have mercy.